We’ve done some digging to locate a set of Instagram accounts who are doing it really big. The creators behind these accounts are some of our favorites when it comes to messaging, style, creativity, inspiration, influence, and more.

RMR encourages you to check out the pages and turn on Instagram’s notifications so you can stay updated with their moves. If you’re a brand looking for quality content on social media, we suggest contacting these accounts. Before you know it, they’re going to blow up!

Darren Zemanek

Many of the accounts featured on this list are related to cannabis. Although Darren has experience shooting cannabis, I particularly enjoy his food and sports photography. His ability to capture the perfect moment in two entirely different fields is incredible.

Dylan Fout

Dylan Fout and the entire team behind Travis Thompson deserve a huge shoutout for their work. The years of endless grinding are starting to pay off in the form of millions of views, sold out events at concert venues and movie theaters, plus whatever else they’ve cooked up that is soon to unfold. His IG is a unique collection of photos, most of which were shot on his iPhone. Follow him there and make sure to tap in with all of his music

Dyllyn Greenwood

Shot By Greenwood is something we hope you’re starting to recognize by now. Since Dyllyn became RMR’s go-to media creator back in 2016, our brand has taken on a new level of consistency. Collaborating on photos, videos, and hundreds of other projects, the moody media we love to showcase has become his own. Over the last two years, he’s released over 25 videos alongside local artists, brands, and Respect My Region.

Francisco Chacon

Francisco’s photography skills are some of the best I’ve seen. He’s already worked with many of the region’s most versatile models and is known for capturing some really unique content. I really enjoy his vision and how he integrates nature and other surroundings with each shoot. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration, I hit up the Fstopchacon page.

Tyler Hill

This Seattle-based photographer is one of my favorite artists in the entire Pacific Northwest. When it comes to music festivals and other nightlife, Tyler Hill is one of just a few artists who is setting the standard. Tune into his Instagram to see what concerts or festivals he’s covering.

Favorite Cannabis Accounts

Asia Taber

Spread out across a few California-based accounts, Asia’s work is the ultimate inspiration for creative cannabis content. I find myself repeatedly visiting her account for ideas on photo shoots and design.


Having only been in cannabis for a few years, I regularly turn to other creators for inspiration. When I need to switch things up, Cannabanana’s profile is one of the accounts I turn to. I’m fairly limited as a creative so it’s refreshing to see other people do beautiful work.


CannaBess has been deleted from Instagram seven times. But every time she gets right back to it; building her 96k following back up and posting some of the most fire content in the world of weed. She’s one of the best-known cannabis content creators and her work is constantly seen published in major publications and on viral Instagram accounts. If you ever see me holding big bags of weed on my own Instagram, know that CannaBess was my inspiration.

Erik Nugshots

The Nugshots Instagram bio simply says, “The Leader in Cannabis Media.” Plenty of people are taking quality close-up shots of cannabis but few people have established a very specific style. Every image on his page is crisp, clean, and branded, plus the captions are quite educational.


The Seattle-based content creator known as Keti has set herself apart from the rest. Her style is quite popular throughout the Pacific Northwest. Every photo brings about a different feeling or emotion. She’s well-versed in photography for lifestyle-centric products, fashion, and cannabis.

Meowy Jane

When RMR first started looking into the different styles of cannabis photography, Meowy Jane’s photos kept coming up. Her profile showcases great behind the scenes images. Plus, there are just enough photos of herself and other people to establish a dope human element to her Instagram profile.

Jake The Professor

Jake The Professor is a legend in Seattle’s cannabis industry. He is a former medical marijuana retail shop owner and an award-winning budtender at Diego Pellicer. The Professor has also worked with Hempfest covering a wide range of roles. He’s currently an ambassador for the Marijuana Business Association and was featured on a Buzzfeed video that has over 24 million views.


Danielle is a creator making waves in the Pacific Northwest. Sweet.Deezy has the skills that many cannabis brands are in desperate need of. Proven through her work with top brands like Northwest Leaf, Heylo Cannabis, and Gold Leaf Gardens,


I first came across this account thanks to Jason at Treehawk Farms. In Washington, there weren’t a ton of people taking pictures of concentrates, specifically diamonds. We have followed ThingsFromSteinFarm for over a year now and we still have yet to come across another account taking pictures like these.

We haven’t posted a list like this in a few years. Since one list couldn’t possibly showcase all of the accounts I would’ve like to have featured, we’ll be dropping one article per month in 2019.

Each monthly list will feature accounts from all over the world, kicking things off first in January with the Pacific Northwest. If you’d like to be featured, please follow on Instagram and send us a DM.