Respect My Region’s third annual West Coast Weed Tour has come to the finish line. We scoured California to find the best-of-the-best in the pre-roll category. From our 100-point rating system, we’ve arrived at the winners.

Pre-rolls are undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to consume cannabis and are a go-to for new and old users. Each of these pre-rolls went above and beyond when it comes to taste, potency, packaging, presentation, and more. These are some of the highest quality pre-rolls you can find in the state of California.

Fresh Baked Apple Fritter (95)

Fresh Baked’s Apple Fritter pre-roll was full of sweet and pastry-like flavors in tandem with notes of earthy cheese. The smoke was incredibly even throughout, and the terps came through from start to finish. Fresh Baked has been producing a number of eye-grabbing cannabis products in California. From the packaging to the even burn, this pre-roll easily took home a score of 95. See the full video review below.

Rove Hashbar OG (95)

Rove is one of California’s most popular brands for vapes, pre-rolls, and more. Rove’s Hashbar OG came budtender-recommended as one of their most potent products. The bright green packaging had two mini infused pre-rolls in it that definitely didn’t disappoint. The initial hit gave off earthy spice, but was very smooth overall. More complex citrus notes came with following hits and a pleasantly lifting high. Watch the full review below to see why we gave it a 95.

The Cure Company Marathon OG (94)

It should come as no surprise that Marathon OG has made its way onto this list. We’ve had this flower a number of times in the past, so it would only make sense to pick up the pre-roll too. In addition to being Nipsey Hussle’s hallmark strain, this cut of OG is known for being particularly true to its roots.

Prominent sweet lemon and earthy pine came out on the smoke while lighting it was wonky at first. The joint burned noticeable white ash throughout, which was also a sure sign of a proper cure.

Minntz x Cookies Lemon Mints (94)

Recommended by the manager of Valley Pure, we got our hands on the Lemon Mints pre-roll from Minntz x Cookies. It came in a classic doob-tube with Minntz’s notorious teal packaging and gave us smooth creamy smoke on the first hit.

Sweet, sour, minty, and cookie flavors came together nicely as the terps only came out more as the joint went on. We only wish this pre-roll came with more strain and terpene info on the packaging. Regardless, it still rightfully landed a score of 94. Find out how the experience was below.

El Blunto x Glass House Runtz (92.5)

There’s a reason that the Runtz strain is so popular, when grown right, it hits hard and tastes delicious. Glass House came together with El Blunto to create a powerhouse blunt full of high quality sun-grown cannabis from Glass House. The packaging came with the regal presentation of a fancy cigar. The smell the hemp blunt gave off upon opening the tube was sugary-sweet and made our nostrils tingle. The glass tip added to the experience of the balanced smoke. The taste was there for us and the high was regal. It tasted like Gelato and sweet-pine as we got progressively high as hell. We feel like this blunt is something to smoke on a special occasion to make it that much more sweet.

Tyson Reserve The Toad (92.5)

Mike Tyson is known for his love of cannabis, he never hides it for a second. His cannabis brand, Tyson Reserve, has been giving Californians some choice options for pre-rolls. Tyson Reserve’s The Toad pre-roll matched its price point in terms of quality. The smoke on The Toad was consistently even and gave off strong piney sativa vibes that had our hearts racing right away,

Connected Biscotti (92.5)

Arguably one of the more popular strains in California within the last few years is Biscotti, and Connected Cannabis Co. has been producing the most popular cut. We’ve had this flower in the past, so we had to try out the pre-roll to see how it measured up. Despite a stem that had made some holes in the paper, the smoke was creamy and sweet with a spicy exhale. Notes of chemical gassiness came into play as the smoke went on, adding to the flavor and experience. Check out the video review below to see how it really performed.

Ganja Gold “Tarantula” Peanut Butter Breath (92.5)

Ganja Gold’s “Tarantula” infused pre-roll was not playing around. We got our hands on the Peanut Butter Breath strain from them. This joint came to collect with an infusion of kief and distillate that didn’t make the smoke harsher. The smoke could’ve been slightly more even on the paper, but overall the performance was brain blasting and enjoyable. The terps came right away and gave us sweet, musky, and piney doughiness that made our eyes widen. This joint was very smooth for being covered in kief and the addition of distillate. We would’ve loved to see more information on the packaging.

Lemonnade Ooh La La (92.5)

Another prominent collab with Cookies, the Lemonnade brand is known for producing high quality sativa strains. Their Ooh La La pre-roll is a collaboration with Killer Mike and Run the Jewels and came full of flavor despite some lower testing results on the THC. Piney and sweet with a pleasant spicy kick, this strain was full of terps and didn’t disappoint in the least bit on flavor. Again, we’d love to see more information on the packaging about the strain and the dominant terpenes.

El Jointo Miss USA (90)

A newer product from the Albert Einstone and El Blunto family is the El Jointo. A full gram of flower goes into this conal joint with a sleek and shiny silver tip. We unfortunately didn’t have any information provided about the strain other than its name. We only knew the THC as being 26%, with 5% terpenes. Overall, the presentation of this product is eye-grabbing and festive. The smoke was herbaceous and almost reminiscent of a skunky basil at first. But then it became more creamy although the joint became a little tight on the smoke. 

1lyfe Orange Creamsicle (90)

The 1lyfe Orange Creamsicle pre-roll was something we had to try because we’re so familiar with this strain. The joint was sold as being intensely smooth and creamy, and the smoke delivered a pleasing experience that brought increased awareness and focus. The packaging was a simple doob-tube but the wrapping was flashy enough to catch our attention. Despite some persistent cottonmouth, the experience on 1lyfe’s Orange Creamsicle pre-roll was overwhelmingly positive.

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