The third annual West Coast Weed Tour has finally come to a close. After reviewing over 300 products from Washington, Oregon, and California, we’ve found our favorites. The West Coast has fallen in love with cannabis concentrates in recent years and vape cartridges have become one of the easiest and most discreet ways to consume. 

During this year’s competition, we got our hands on a variety of vape products ranging from 510 threads to disposables, and PAX Pods. But which ones are the best? From our 100-point rating system, we’ve narrowed it down to all of the top performers. These vape products stood out not only for their potency, but also their hardware, flavor, packaging, extraction process, and more. 

Willamette Valley Alchemy x Rogue Farmer’s Tropicanna Punch PAX Pod (100)

Sitting at the only perfect 100 score out of the entire 3rd annual West Coast Weed Tour is Willamette Valley Alchemy and Rogue Farmer’s collaboration with their Tropicanna Punch Live Resin PAX Pod. From the jump, the packaging on this high quality vape product from Oregon stands out in an artistic fashion. The packaging depicts colorful landscapes and gives the impression of an earth-conscious product, as well as ample testing results, including the terpene percentage (6.17%).

The Tropicanna Punch Live Resin PAX Pod Review Featuring Willamette Valley Alchemy, Rogue Farmer, and The PAX Era Pro Vaporizer

The first hit gave off a wave of sour and fruity flavors with an enjoyable hint of earthy spice. The combination of flavors really sealed the deal for us. The live resin itself had a beautiful gold color and the PAX Pod housing allowed us to get a nice low-temp hit. Find out more about why Willamette Valley Alchemy x Rogue Farmer’s Tropicanna Punch Live Resin PAX Pod hit a perfect score by watching the full review below.

STIIIZY LIIIL Blue Dream Disposable (97.5)

The RMR team doesn’t frequently buy disposable vape products, we lean more towards 510 threads and PAX Pods. For this reason, the STIIIZY LIIIL Blue Dream Disposable landing a 97.5 should speak to its quality. The packaging on this half gram disposable is neat and informative with STIIIZY’s classic “LA style” that has given them ample fame. This distillate was hitting at 88.7% total THC and represented the iconic Blue Dream strain properly with piney blueberry flavor. Their LIIIL battery surprisingly rips to the point that you might end up in a fit of coughing if you’re not careful with your tokes.

The "LIIIL" STIIIZY Blue Dream Disposable Vape Pen Review

Kurvana Dutch Treat (ASCND) (97.25)

California’s Kurvana seriously caught our attention during this year’s West Coast Weed Tour. Kurvana features full-spectrum CO2 oil in their cartridges. On the box, you’re given a wealth of information about the vape product within. The terpene profile or “Kurvanascope” on the back of the box shows the complete screen summary. Looking at the box further, it notes the carts flavors as being pine, sweet, and citrus. 

It lists its primary terpenes as terpinolene, myrcene, and ocimene—the perfect combo for such a well-known strain. The flavor did not disappoint and the potent distillate lent a favorable strain-specific high, invoking a euphoric energy that put a pep in our step. The box read “sweet pine following a citrusy aftertaste results in quick cerebral effects for relaxing the mind.” They weren’t wrong.

Kurvana Earth OG (96.25)

Kurvana came in swinging again with their Earth OG full spectrum CO2 cartridges. This full spectrum oil hit in a way that almost made it come across as live resin. The oil had a nice bronze color and a high that came almost immediately. The flavor was reminiscent of cinnamon spice with some sweet and sour gassy notes thrown in. When it comes to providing the consumer with ample information on the packaging and tasty single-source terps, Kurvana is killing it.

Buddies Brand 3 bears OG CDT (95)

Buddies Brand is one of the easiest vape cartridge brands to find on the West Coast. With products available in Washington, Oregon, and California, it’s easy to join the Buddies Brand family. In California, they’ve recently been exploding on the scene with their honest products, specifically their Liquid Diamond Live Resin and distillate + cannabis-derived terpenes cartridges.

Californians love OG strains, so it should be no surprise that their 3 Bears OG strain has been rising in popularity. This 1g distillate + cannabis-derived terpenes cartridge showed off a beautiful light honey color and tasted like sour flowers. Buddies also provides the primary terps on the packaging and ample lab data.

Alpine Vapor Zkittlez Punch (95)

Alpine Vapor is a newer name in California’s cannabis cartridge scene, but make no mistake, they’ve come to impress. Their Zkittlez Punch came in a sleek black package that gave off a sense of mystique. Opening it up revealed a high quality cartridge that seemed to be a mixture of glass and ceramic. The oil within had a rich golden hue to it that lead us to believe we were on our way to a terpene-rich treat. A solid representation of Zkittlez and Purple Punch, this cart seriously rips yet still retains the deliciously fruity and floral flavors of the strain. Those looking for a potentially mood lifting, yet bodily relaxing strain should consider this hitter.

Full Spec Trainwreck Live Resin PAX Pod (94)

Full Spec is a new line of high terpene products from Leafwerx that you can find in Washington. They recently put out a Trainwreck live resin specially formulated for the PAX Pod that we found to be delightful and tasty. With the ability to hit the PAX Pod at lower temps, the noteworthy Trainwreck sour-sweet spice shone through. We found the flavor to remain intact even towards the end of the half gram Pod. This vape product is well worth a score of 94.

Roach Orange Creamsicle (93.5)

Another newer product in California’s vape category, Roach has been crafting some seriously enjoyable live resin in a noticeably small disposable battery. Only containing .75g of oil, these little vapes provide a seriously pleasant experience. Their Orange Creamsicle Live Resin tasted essentially like a dab, and the oil had a beautiful amber color. This has to be one of the smallest vapes we’ve ever seen. Roach’s vapes are definitely worth trying out if you’re looking for a disposable that contains real live resin and is incredibly discreet.

Kurvana Mimosa (93)

Kurvana keeps delivering winners to the state of California. We were pleasantly surprised to find their Mimosa cartridge to include all of the sweet, sour, and citrus terps that were listed on the packaging. Once again, Kurvana has shown us that they have a masterful approach to full spectrum extraction. Not to mention the consistency they keep with the potency of their distillate. Limonene came to play the hardest with this cart, showcasing a brilliant citrus bouquet that lent to an excellent stress-reliving high.

The Mimosa Strain Review Featuring Kurvana's Full Spectrum ASCND Vape Cartridge

Alpine Vapor Golden Strawberry Lemonade (92.5)

Alpine Vapor fell into our favor once again with their Golden Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin cartridge. This 510 thread cartridge looks high-tech with its glossy white sheen and golden amber oil within. Alpine even has their own branded battery that we try out in the review below. Each rip contained a healthy supply of sweet, sour, and fruity terps that we found were euphoric, energizing, and clarifying. This might be a great daytime smoke to keep your mood up.

Blue River Terps Kosher Kush (92.5)

Another new name for this year’s competition is Blue River Terps out of California. Their Kosher Kush cartridge contained solventless rosin that definitely had our interest piqued. A well-known strain, Blue River Terps’ Kosher Kush comes with a savory blend of earthy, spicy, and piney terps. The smoke on it was giving off great flavor at first, but then became a little more bland and “burnt popcorn” flavored over time. Nonetheless, we still found this vape product to come in at a 92.5/100. Find out why below.

Connected Forbidden Gushers (92)

Again, our team isn’t typically reaching for disposable or single-use vape cartridges. Regardless, we found Connected Cannabis Co.’s Forbidden Gushers live resin disposable to be quite enjoyable. A marriage of two extremely sweet and terpene-rich strains, Gushers and Forbidden Fruit, the flavor definitely reminded us of fruity candy. Connected’s packaging always has an enticing look to it with the deep blue and black brush strokes and the notorious palm tree in their logo. This is definitely one of the more extravagant disposable vape products you can pick up in California. 

Kurvana Amnesia Haze (92)

Nearly every single Kurvana cart that we got our hands on during this tour scored above a 90. Their Amnesia Haze full spectrum CO2 cart gave us the sharp flavors that we were hoping for. Kurvana consistently delivers on their packaging, the hardware, the oil, the appearance, and the delivery. Amnesia Haze is a well-known landrace with serious history. Needless to say, Kurvana hit the nail on the head with giving customers a robust combination of lemon, earth, and citrus. This might be a great sativa strain to charge up your day with while never sacrificing the strain-specific taste we crave. 

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