2020 has truly been a year for the ages. The hip-hop and music communities, along with many others, was hit incredibly hard and has effectively been stripped of the ability to tour, perform, and network in person.

Many of you kept working against all odds, making magic happen in your own unique and creative ways. Keeping the hustle alive and grinding to continue pursuing the dream of doing what you love.

This is how some of the best hip-hop has been created.

We commend you all for your hard work and your relentless effort. We have serious respect for the unwavering commitment and dedication you have to honing your craft.

When Covid-19 started having serious impact on the world we know, Respect My Region also had to pivot our business model. We weren’t able to cover nearly as much music as we wanted to. We’ve had to adapt and change so many different things to keep this ship afloat.

When we started to work on compiling our list of the best hip-hop from the year 2020 for the Pacific Northwest, we knew that we wanted to put more effort into finding artists than we did in years past.

That’s why we’re reaching out to YOU, the artists.

What was the best song or video YOU released this year?

This isn’t the time be shy or modest, we want to see and hear your absolute best works.

Let us know about your content and creations by following the details below.

You can contact us via email at or use our submissions tab to book your own custom music marketing campaign.

Here is some important information you need to know:

  1. ONLY ONE song or video (Spotify and YouTube links) will be accepted.
  2. Your song or video must have been released in 2020. Not December 2019. Not January 2021. 2020 only.
  3. The person who made the music, aka you, must live in, be from, or have spent considerable amount of time living in the Pacific Northwest region. (artists will be considered case by case)
  4. Submit your information and content below or contact us via email at — ATTN MITCH: in the subject line.
  5. Don’t forget to Follow Respect My Region on Spotify, Instagram, and Tiktok @RespectMyRegion.

2020 Hip-hop List

  • Must live in or be from the PNW
  • MUST BE RELEASED IN 2020 ONLY INCLUDE ONE SONG (can be Spotify or YouTube)
  • MUST BE RELEASED IN 2020. (Spotify and Bandcamp links are accepted)