Seattle-area rapper BIG Jone$ just cracked the iTunes Top 20 charts for Rap/Hip-hop albums with his latest release Winners Can’t Lose. Following up on his recent two-track release with Caj Encee on Emerald Playbook, WCL finds the rapper still on point catching beats and throwing bars.

Jone$ holds a sound that’s unique for the region from his vocal tone to beat selection. Almost a southern style approach to rap with hard-hitting instrumentals and a hustlers ambition fueling the lyrics. Don’t be confuse don his locality, Jone$ has resided all over the Seattle area during his life. A sleau of music videos over the last few years started to gain attention locally. “Won’t Miss” first caught our attention and we’ve been tapped in ever since.

From the moment the record starts with “For The Family”, my personal favorite off the album, the bass-heavy vibes don’t stop until the end of the project. The majority of the records are pretty upbeat and fit perfect for cars with a system in the back. This is one of those joints that I can’t wait to catch live energy.

BIG Jone$ Winners Can’t Lose

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