Originally reigning from Tampa, Florida rapper Billi Premo started experimenting with music around the age of fifteen. She’s since extended her music career over to Europe. With a natural ability to adapt to various types of people, this skill has allowed Premo to have the opportunity to reach an entirely new market by building her career overseas. While gaining new fans around the world, Premo has also connected with new and established artists along the way which has given her the ability to collaborate and as a result, quickly escalated her credibility and career. 

Inspired by classic artists like Missy Elliot, 2 Chainz and Kevin Gates her new single “Lou B,” is a super hot track off her forthcoming EP that will be releasing here in the near future as fans have been patiently waiting for new content from the up and coming rapper. 

What Billi Premo has seemingly focused on since day one has been making the most calculated moves as possible; her uniqueness and realness are something that has easily set her apart from the rest from the get-go and will be the one thing that carries Premo further than anything else. With female artists finally back on the rise, Billi is exactly where she should be to blow.

billi premo

Exclusive Billi Premo Interview

*This interview was edited for clarity*

For someone who’s just getting introduced to Billi Premo – tell us where you got your start in music and how long you’ve been going at it?

I’ve always had a passion for music. As a teenager, I would write music but never recorded anything. I honestly didn’t pursue music seriously until about 2016 and even then I worked as a promoter in order to fund my passion. The money was much better as a promoter so I was heavily involved in the business aspect of the music industry and focusing on my own music became secondary. Since 2016 I’ve released a few singles on various DJ mixtapes projects and only this year started releasing singles on my own. June 27 I released “Good Vibes & Dusse” featuring D-Dahz and on August 8 released my second single entitled “Lou B.”

billi premo

Who did you look up to at the time and who has been a musical inspiration for you?

My biggest musical inspirations are Missy Elliott and 2 Chainz. Missy is the dopest artist to ever walk the planet and her creativity is insane. 2 Chainz has an amazing story and is one of the most interesting figures in music. Both have been blessed to have longevity in an industry where all too often a lot of artists get 15 minutes.

How long have you been living in Germany and how has the music scene been?

I’ve been living in Germany for a little over a year now and the music scene is a lot more welcoming than in America. I honestly feel as though upcoming and independent artists get a lot more support and opportunities in Europe.

What is an advantage to living there while building your musical career? How does it compare to the US?

One of the advantages in my honest opinion is the fact that I’m an American living abroad. Here they don’t see my particular style or sound everyday, whereas in America a lot of people who are pursuing music especially the same genre typically have a lot of similarities.

How has the feedback been for your new single “Lou B“?

Lou B has received a lot of positive reviews, but I am my own worst critic so the EP will have a remastered version. After purchasing a new studio mic I realized I didn’t particularly like my vocals on it.

Billi Premo – Lou B

Was there a particular inspiration behind it?

There is inspiration behind every song I write. Every song I write is based on real-life situations. Lou B, in particular, is about my girl sticking by my side through the tough times and when we finally made it through I’m able to spoil her.

What do you have planned in the near future? Any more singles? Videos? EPs?

The visual to “Lou B” will be released September 19. I also plan to drop my EP this year. With 2020 around the corner I want to drop something this decade. There is currently not a release date on it but I will definitely drop it before the new year.

What sort of message do you push in your music and brand? If there is one –

Through my music, I put out songs about all sort of real-life situations. “Good Vibes & Dusse” was a song about being in the friend zone and then finally getting the girl. “Lou B” was about having a girl stay loyal through the tough times and then getting spoiled during the good times. The message for my brand though is authenticity and realness. Being true to yourself.

Billi Premo – Good Vibes & Dusse (feat. D-Dazh)

Are there any artists out there that you would like to collaborate with?

Missy Elliott and 2 Chainz of course. Other artists include Kevin Gates, Jhene Aiko, Plies, Offset, Drake, Ella Mai, and the list goes on. I would have loved to do a track with the late Aretha Franklin. She’s my favorite singer of all time.

When are we going to get a show from you in the Seattle area?!

Funny you ask that. I was just given the opportunity for a show October 4, 2019, in the Tacoma area but I would have to deconflict some things with my schedule. I have to be in ATL in the 8th and Houston a couple of days before.

For more information on Premo, catch up with her on Instagram