The Biscotti strain by Connected Cannabis just happens to be one of the most searched strains on our website. Let’s check it out for another West Coast Weed Tour review, shall we?

Connected Cannabis has some of the most well-renowned premium cannabis throughout California. And their Biscotti pre-roll joint is no exception to their repertoire of specialized ganja.

The jay in this review was one gram, and the percentages are 20.07% total THC, 0.05% CBD, 21.9% THCA, and finally 0.96% Delta 9. The pre-roll was packaged on July 15th, 2020, by Leaflets Incorporated and Connected Cannabis.

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As I eagerly opened the tube, I immediately got a pleasant funky aroma. I pulled out the joint and the smell was notably pungent gassy and earthy. Unfortunately, I did squeeze the joint and a stem poked out. To me, there always seems to be a problem with pre-rolls. Quality control of your product is essential for a cannabis business.

Now it’s time to get lit. You guys know the rules. One hit, talk about it. 2 hits, talk about it, then the final score.

I lit my joint and inhaled. On the first hit, I tasted a nice terpene flavor while noticing the healthy white ash on the tip of the joint. I take my second toke and I start to experience a gratifyingly smooth smoke in hand with a wild intensity of terpenes. Not bad for an 18 dollar pre-roll. Despite the high cost of being a designer cannabis product and originating from one of the best cannabis companies, all I’ve really got to say about the experience is lower the price.

Weed is legal in California, but a good deal is always excellent.

RMR Joey holding a lit Biscotti Pre-roll joint
Image via RMR Youtube

With this being one of my West Coast Weed Tour 2020 reviews, I highly recommend that all of you watch my official biscotti pre-roll strain review video below so that each of you can get a more in-depth perspective of my entire experience.

In these review videos, I talk about the appearance, flavor, price, smell, burn, after-taste, and give the product an official score out of 100 points. For this video, I gave a score out of 10 since it was part of my Joint Effort pre-roll review series, and then used that number to scale it out for the West Coast Weed Tour competition rating system.

Check out my video review below!

If you don’t want to watch and hear my thoughts on the products, scroll down and skip ahead to read the scorecard at the bottom of this post. Each of the products we review on the WCWT is also featured on our website as well as the Respect My Region Instagram and Youtube.

The Biscotti pre-roll joint is a surprisingly sweet smoke with a flavorful burst of terpenes. But a higher-end weed comes at a higher price, and to be honest, it may not sell as many as it could for how well it tastes.

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The Biscotti Pre-Roll Joint Review Feat. Valley Pure Farmersville and Connected California
93%Overall Score
More Information Available75%
Would Your Recommend100%