Last night was a vibe and a half. Many thanks to the talent that invited RMR out to the function to bask in your sound waves. I made so many new friends, and strengthened ties with so many other camps—it was lit. Black Milk & Nat Turner Band, HooligoonsB-boy FidgetMR. HI-DEF, and the homie WebbWavvy Webster all-together took the night from one that was low on the sauce, to one very much dripping with that sweet sauce.

This was a show at Chop Suey one would consider both intimate, and wild ‘n’ out. I saw many different circles of hip-hop and music in Seattle unite in one place to scope a very talented group of people. I saw some of the fools from TownTV, even one of the members of dope hip-hop duo, The Bad Tenants. Nick Weaver pulled up too! So many talented artists pulling up to see other talented artists—I love it.

Black Milk And Nat Turner Band Turned Chop Suey Upside Down: RECAPEach opener put on some seriously memorable performances that had me wondering why I had never seen some of these artists around the Town before. WebbWavvy, though, I’m definitely familiar with and he opened the night with “wavvy,” bouncy, yet ominous bars that had me zoning tough. Quality set, quality performer. Mr. Hi-Def took it up a notch with some heavy shit that had me in a trance. This man is up to something and is putting in mad work, keep it locked!

B-Boy Fidget showed me something I had not seen around Seattle basically ever—B-Boy style dance choreography. At Chop Suey no less! I was stunned! Forgive me for my obsession with Bell Biv DeVoe, but when someone drops “Poison,” and the dance moves to boot—I give my respects. It wasn’t all B-Boy vibes though, the kid had some new production that turned up the night thoroughly and bars to match it. This is someone to keep an eye on.

Hooligoons outta Renton, Wa had some serious sauce. This is some dark, heavy production, and some cutting quips, but also some funny lines and references. Not to mention hearts-of-gold. They got some synthy elements in their cuts that remind me of some OG Bone Thugs beats—but way more west-coast. Keep it locked on these guys as I know there’s more content to come, and you don’t want to miss this climb!

Now, Black Milk, the man of the hour, took the stage and it was already getting hotter in the room. This is a man who many other talented artists I personally know around Seattle came to see. he raps, he produces, he makes SERIOUS moves, people! Boasting a beautiful drum-head with his most recent release plastered across it,”FEVER,” this was a sight to behold.

Repping Detroit and the Computer Ugly record label, this man is up to something. Clean production throughout his whole “FEVER” album with even cleaner bars had me bopping on my headphones before I even rolled up to the gig. In the true style of an area known for groovy, jazzy, and soulful music, Black Milk brought the live stylings of the Nat Turner Band.

Black Milk Brought It Live!

So not only featuring live-instrumentation on his album, but also in his set and it’s some hip-hop on the road from Detroit? I was vibing as well as impressed. It’s not all guitars and drums though, folks, Black Milk also delves deeply into some psychedelic synths that will have you zoning. This is the kind of positive Afrocentric content the world needs right now. Overall, definitely an artist to keep your attention on.

Scope his newest album, HERE

I had a great night, and this was one of the nights that reminded me of growing up in Seattle going to Chop. It was an out-of-towner with quality content, supported by local talent, and the show ran late—I felt like a teenager again. This is the kind of night I’d love to see more of at Chop down the line, knowing they’re under new management than back in my time (ten-ish years ago, lol.)