The Blackberry Kush strain is a heavy indica strain that might give you the pain relief you’ve been looking for. Bursting zesty berry aromas emanate from this strain that comes from crossing Afhani with Blackberry. If you’re the kind of person that seeks out rich purple and green strains that come with considerably high THC levels, you’ll find pure delight in this cultivar. Pure gasoline and tart berries will fill your nose, lending indications to its potential knock-out effects.

Looking at some of the Blackberry Kush strain, you’ll notice beautiful coloration and sticky density. Rich, sometimes light purple weaves its way in evenly with shades of grass green. The pistils have a more earthy tone as the whole bud is lit up by a hairy coating of pure white trichomes. It has a noticeable stench right when you open the bag. You’ll pick up strong berry notes with a spicy gas that slaps you in the face. Cracking a nug open, you’ll be met with more of its herby pepper notes. 

The dominant terpenes in the Blackberry Kush strain are myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. This is a very classic terpene profile for an indica-dominant strain that further tells its story of hazy effects.

Blackberry Kush Strain by Noble Farms

Photo by Matt Stangel

The myrcene is giving it its sweet berry tones, while potentially giving it more of its calming effects. The limonene swirls in to add a little more lemony sweetness and potential anxiety-relieving forces. Lastly, the beta-caryophyllene is like the one-two punch of spicy, peppery funk that may give this strain amplified pain management effects.

Smoking on some of the Blackberry Kush strain is a real treat. You may find yourself in a warm sea of positive vibes after a few puffs. Those who lead an active lifestyle might find this strain a welcoming way to de-stress the mind and kick your feet up. Looking at the potential medical benefits, this strain might help with insomnia and more severe cases of stress or anxiety. Overall, it’s a beauty to behold and the potential effects upon smoking it might take you to an Elysium-esque place of euphoria, bliss, and relaxation.

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