blksknn and the rhetorician Late Bloomer EP Word Around the Sound

BlkSknn Links Up With The Rhetorician for Stunning Late Bloomer EP | Word Around the Sound

Word Around the Sound is… BlkSknn walked into the studio while The Rhetorician was making the beat for the track “James Bond,” and all he could say was “send me that.” Three months later, they had a whole project together. A brilliant pairing, The Late Bloomer EP sees the creative strength that these two artists carry. 

Typically, Blksknn has a laid-back approach to his deliveries with the weight of his lyrics making the biggest impact on your ears. However, with this project he tapped into a very poetic flow that adds a dramatic flair to his verses backed by the insanely crispy and delicious beats that The Rhetorician cooked up. Nothing bad to say here, just wishing it was a full-length album, although I am content with the run time on this project. Hopefully, though, the Late Bloomer EP isn’t the last thing we hear from these two. 

Blksknn and The Rhetorician Late Bloomer EP

Rick Reams & Greg Cypher James Bond Villain

It’s been a busy year for Greg Cypher as he settles into his beatmaker bag. His latest project is a collaboration with rapper Rick Reams titled James Bond Villain. According to Greg, “[the album] was constructed with songs that were battle tested first in front of many hardcore hip-hop crowds before it hit your ears.” On first play through you can immediately hear that classic boom bap influence. 

However, as you dig deeper you can really appreciate the fresh-take nuances that are scattered throughout the project that help it blend effortlessly into the future of music as a whole. There’s a stimulating sense of urgency from start to finish that makes it easy for you to get up on your feet. Yet the way Rick and Greg deliver their clever rhymes feel as if you’re just casually kicking back with them in the studio. There is an intriguing comfortability with James Bond Villain that simultaneously smacks you in the face while offering a soothing hug. 

Angie Staxx & Ready Ron Hidden Gem

The album title says it all, Angie Staxx is a Hidden Gem from around the Sound. The raw spitter linked up with Ready Ron to put her heavy hitting verses over his larger-than-life beats. This is real deal, streets of Seattle type hip-hop that carries some grit and authenticity throughout.

Angie is so cold with the bars that the temperature in my apartment dropped, and I could see my breath as the album played out. As the first lady of Takeover Music Collective, Angie is ready to do just that, takeover. Tracks like “Art of War,” “No Secret,” and “Standing Tall” are some of my favorite standouts from the project that could knock any hip-hop head off their feet. 

Oranj Goodman – Juice

I’ve been following Oranj Goodman for a little bit now after seeing him open up for Grieves back in March. The Native artist brings his unique perspective to the melodic rap realm with grounded beats that allows his melodic rhymes to float over the instrumentals.

With the release of his sophomore album, Juice, I’m starting to see him really lean into his persona as an artist. His vocals and delivery sound more confident, while the overall composition is catchy and compelling for the listener from start to finish. 

Tambia Cypher 2 featuring TK Been Poppin, Gyasi, and Nobi

Another pocket of spitters is being featured by Tambia Productions in their cypher series. The second Tambia Seattle Cypher just dropped with TK Been Poppin, Gyasi and Nobi taking turns fucking up the beat. If you’re trying to get a feel for some of the new wave, these cats are tuned in to some serious talent. They’ll be showcasing some of these artists on December 1 at U Heights Center.

Upcoming Events Around the Sound

Friday, December 1: Tambia presents TK Been Poppin, Nobi, and Gyasi at the U Heights Center with a guest performance by Rell Be Free and sounds by DJ Tazz Enrico. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door which will be open from 7-10pm. 

Saturday, December 2: Sol will be headlining at the Crocodile alongside openers, Campana and Nobi. The show is all-ages with tickets starting at $25 and doors opening at 8pm. Not only is this going to be an insane local music showcase and a way to pour our energy as a community into their creative fuel tanks, but also doubling as a supply drive to many in need currently. In a post to his Instagram, Sol had this to say: 

“Bring gloves, warm hats, hand warmers and packaged feminine hygiene products!! These are for asylum seekers from the Congo, Angola, and Venezuela who are currently living in tents in the PNW and in need of support. Meet & Greet at 7 for ppl who bring stuff. ALSO I’ll have a section of merch you can buy where 100% of proceeds go towards relief in Gaza. We do what we can for each other. Shout out Riverton Park United Methodist Church for doing the good work and The Crocodile for helping me facilitate this.”

Tuesday, December 12: Scope Screenings is closing out its second season with a glorious gala at the Here-After. The night will start with doors opening at 6pm and tickets starting at $20 for the 21 and up crowd. 

Thursday, December 14: Grieves is back with a hometown show at the Crocodile with Oblé Reed and Benz Shelton opening the show. Tickets for the show start at $25 with doors opening at 6pm for those 21 and over. 

Word Around the Sound is a breakdown of the things that Respect My Region Head Editor, Taylor Hart, sees and hears around the greater Puget Sound area. Whether it’s new music releases, different events, or just dope community happenings, we want to highlight every nook and cranny of the arts and entertainment world within Seattle.

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