When will my well run dry?” Portland native, Blossom asks in a mellow, yet full of emotion tone as she sets the mood for her and HOT 16’s collaboration LP Tease. Blossom and HOT16’s Tease is a tranquil, laid back–and just flat out dope, okay!–project full of nostalgia and a magnitude of feelings towards love and the various other emotions associated with it.

HOT 16’s mellow and relaxed rhythmic beats intertwined with Blossom’s cool, easy going voice and passionate singing style mesh so well, it’s easy to see why they decided to team up. “Superwoman” has throwback smooth jazz vibes, while  “Loves Comin” samples Melba Moore’s ‘80s track “Loves Comin at Ya!” and “Get Over It” has a funky groove that makes you sway side to side, nod your head, and snap your fingers.

Tease is definitely feel good music and takes you to a place this generation hasn’t been in quite some time. Press play to listen to Blossom and HOT16now and get your groove on.

Blossom and HOT16 In New “Tease” LP

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