Yael Rubin, Mishel Elkayam, and Stephanie Cobos are the founders and CEOs of the CBD wellness company, Blumenes. These three brilliant women were inspired by CBDs healing properties and realized how much it could help their community.

The Los Angeles based wellness company breathes life back into people experiencing pain with their scientifically formulated CBD rich creams. Full-spectrum oil and hemp oil make up the bulk of these cannabis-infused relief creams, along with organic ingredients all handpicked by Yael, Stephanie, and Mishel.

All their products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, USA-grown, and 3rd party lab tested, so you know these ganjapreneurs mean business!

Blumenes CBD

The three founders, Yael, Mishel, and Stephanie walking in sync while holding their Blumenes CBD cream

How did you three come together to create your CBD brand, Blumenes?

Yael: “For me, I’m always obsessed with transparency and reading ingredients on everything. When I got into CBD, I bought some products and tried them out. However, I looked at the ingredients and felt frustrated. I didn’t particularly appreciate how the ingredients listed were not as advertised in the product. “

“I felt cheated. But then inspired. I thought, ‘What if I made a product? What would an honest product look like?’ If I want to do something, I want to do something that’s totally green and totally honest.”

Stephanie: “We were looking for a way to give back to the community. We all love to give back and participate in charity events. Unfortunately, my parents grew very ill and my father chose to treat himself with CBD. My mother went another route to treat her pain. Yet, I noticed how expensive the products were for my father at the dispensaries despite the CBD working so well, and I had a moment.”

” ‘What if we could make something with CBD and make it accessible to everyone?’ Especially the elderly. This is medicine but also still stigmatized in our society. Maybe we could make something to change their minds.”

Mishel: “There are two main reasons why I wanted to create Blumenes. I have a dear friend who suffered from depression. It affected her in all parts of her life, and I saw how much she was hurting. All I could think about was what she could have had to help her feel better and how I could help in some way.”

“The other reason was my mother’s health problems. There wasn’t a gentle solution to help ease her pain from renal failure. No creams. Nothing. So when I met Yael and Stephanie, we all had people in our life with pain and bonded. We want to help people live better. So Blumenes was born.”

Bloom Life Into You with CBD: Blumenes Founders Yael, Mishel, and Stephanie's Exclusive Interview

Your company philosophy is about gratitude, self-care, and positivity. Can you tell us why these values are important to you and how they relate to CBD? 

Yael: “In this day and age when we self-reflect, we are not kind to ourselves. Our thoughts manifest into things and our lives. Our purpose is to remind everyone to be kind to yourself. It’s an easy slogan, but it’s not so easy to do. CBD goes hand in hand with that.”

Can you tell us more about your excellent CBD products and how they differ from other brands on the market? 

Yael: “What makes our CBD cream different is because we made it with ourselves in mind. Ingredients that we personally like to use. I like witch hazel. Stephanie uses primrose. Mishel takes turmeric pills every day. And we wanted a CBD cream to reflect that because there weren’t any on the market.”

“So we took a bunch of different ingredients: botanicals, vitamins, omega fatty acids. And with that, our chemist combined all these elements into our 1000 MG ORGANIC CBD FULL SPECTRUM MUSCLE & JOINT RELIEF CREAM and 1000 MG ORGANIC HEMP CREAM.

Stephanie: “We chose ingredients compatible with the benefits cannabinoids offer to our bodies. Like choosing to add primrose as a relaxant to the cream. And turmeric. And omegas. We tried to pair up the best organic ingredients that would transform into the best results along with CBD.”

Bloom Life Into You with CBD: Blumenes Founders Yael, Mishel, and Stephanie's Exclusive Interview

How important is it to be open and transparent with your ingredients in the cannabis industry?

Stephanie: “So here is something that gives people confidence in purchasing our CBD product. You can find a QR code on the box. That code takes you to our lab results, which shows you the quality, pesticides, and everything.”

“Everything that is in the product is detailed and explained. The ingredients are also available on our website, blumenes.com.

Mishel: “There is no THC or any of the psychoactive properties of cannabis in the cream. That will help a lot of people to know that fact if they have any fears about CBD.”

Yael: “We have been very successful with the transparency toward our CBD cream product. We have seen this with our customers expressing their satisfaction through word of mouth.”

“People trust people. Friends, family, and relatives are more trustworthy than a billboard. And with that great success, our community has taken Blumenes nationwide.”

Are there any new strategies or upcoming ventures you’re excited about and want to discuss? 

Yael: “We’re extremely excited about our new cutting edge formulation that will be on the market soon. We did a lot of research and testing with CBD and anti-aging products. A transparent cosmetic line will be on the horizon.”

Stephanie: “We are also adding vegan collagen to our products. This will be a back to basics situation for us with this new line.”

Bloom Life Into You with CBD: Blumenes Founders Yael, Mishel, and Stephanie's Exclusive Interview

How do you each feel about the increasing chance of legalization of cannabis in this country?

Stephanie: “Absolutely. Legalization would open so many doors for cannabis research. Research suggests THC can aid in unlocking more cannabinoids, which can offer fuller medical benefits and effects. So in the event of legalization, we could offer a product with THC to the community along with the CBD.”

And finally, are there any final words you’d like to tell our audience here at RMR?

Yael: “I just want to say there is a saying that goes, ‘Alone you can go fast, but together you can go far.’ As a whole world, there is time to reflect and be kind to each other. There is so much chaos going on daily. Just take care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Have a happy life and be kind. One little act of kindness can make someone body’s day brighter.”

To check out what these amazing women are up to, please visit their official website and take a look at their dope Instagram!