Cannabis products come in pretty much any form you can think of. With modern-day brands striving to create unique and memorable experiences for their consumers, many factors of production contribute to creating an unforgettable product. One brand that reaches elite status with their efforts to create a product you won’t forget is 710 Labs, and they prove it with their Bluniverse #6 x Lemon Tree live resin sugar. 

In this official West Coast Weed Tour Review, Joey Brabo, aka @JoeyJayPing, and entrepreneur  @Justin_cures tell us everything we need to know about the Sativa resin sugar. 

Who is 710 Labs?

710 labs is a brand that has worked to establish itself as the the best of the best within the cannabis industry. The brand is known for its high-quality extracts in both Colorado and California. Their team grows its own cannabis for the specific purpose of creating resin. 

The award-winning company has a huge following on Instagram. In addition, the brand has an education page that features helpful information on anything from cleaning glass to phenotype hunting. Their team of artists is super helpful and quick to respond to any questions you might have about their products.  

First Impressions: The Live Sugar Resin 

710 Labs really puts the effort in to create a special product, and it starts with their packaging. The Bluniverse #6 x Lemon Tree sugar is housed in what looks like a  jewelry box. Opening up the Bluniverse #6 x Lemon Tree package gives the feeling of opening up a diamond ring. You won’t be disappointed with the glittering resin inside. 

The price point for the live sugar resin is high. At $70-$75 after-tax, this product is about $40 more expensive than others of its kind. This could be justified based on the quality of cannabis used, however key genetics information is missing from the package to determine this. 

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One-Dab Review

The smell of The Bluniverse #6 x Lemon Tree sugar is powerful. Scents of pineapple, lemon, and berry can immediately be detected in the air after opening. The tropical aroma tells you that this is definitely an extract you will want to hit at a lower temperature. This will prevent burning and will preserve the taste of the delicious resin. 

Joey’s first hit of the Bluniverse #6 x Lemon Tree live resin sugar leaves a flavor that is just as incredible as its smell. @JoeyJayping felt like he had just taken a drink from a tropical juice with how distinct the lemon and pineapple was. Justin had a similar experience, with the addition of a calm full-body feeling. 

Overall, both Joey and Justin were astounded by the quality of flavor in the Bluniverse #6 x Lemon Tree live resin sugar. This led the two smokers to give the product a score of 9.5 out of 10. 

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Official West Coast Weed Tour Review
95%Overall Score
Presentation 94%
Appeal 94%
Color 96%
Smell 96%
Taste 96%
Experience 96%
More Information 94%
Would You Recommend 96%