Bodhi High has always designed their products to awaken the senses of their customers and fully embrace the cannabis cultural lifestyle. This starts with embracing employee wellness and supporting team growth at all costs. After the team is taken care of it comes down to the satisfaction of the customers. Bodhi keeps their customers happy by supplying a wide array of products, this includes the addition of Bodhi High Family Farms who specializes in cultivating sun-grown cannabis of the rarest genetic variety. Bodhi High extracts keep introducing new cannabis concentrate concoctions to keep all of the terpene fiends satisfied.

The Bodhi High extracts division has recently gotten into the live resin game. For those who don’t know, live resin is a specific type of butane hash oil that involves extracting from full flowers that have been frozen or flash frozen. Bodhi High is working on soil to oil live resin carts and diamonds. Soil to oil means that they’re extracting from material grown by the family farms division, keeping the entire process in-house.

Bodhi’s live resin and diamond offerings are part of their black box premium line. Also part of their premium line is soil to oil HTE vape carts, terps ‘n crystals, live resin vape carts. Don’t sleep on the standard line of Bodhi High extracts, their Lemon Larry terp sugar is rounding third with 91 percent cannabinoids.

Bodhi High Family Farms is growing exquisite starting material for the extraction team to play with. A sticking point for Bodhi’s family farms division is strain exclusivity. Pheno-hunting new strains are a high priority and its resulted in things like Do-si-dos #22, Dark Side Of The Moon, a high CBD pheno of Critical Mass, Lime Skunk, Frosting and Gas Mask. The Frosting strain is an in-house favorite that crosses GSC with Chery Pie and it looks like it’s dusted in powdered sugar. Dark Side Of The Moon was created by Exotic Genetix and it brings together Spirit In The Sky and Green Ribbon. Like Skunk is a special Key Lime Pie phenotype.

Bodhi High is consistently holding vendor days to educate their customers about Bodhi High extracts, vape carts, flower, and topicals. Be on the lookout for their products at a retailer near you and say high to the Bodhi High team if you see them at Hoopfest, they’re sponsoring RMR’s Hoopfest 502 VIP Party. Be sure to sign up using the hyperlink and buy a ticket to the Hoopfest Weekend Kick-Off concert if you’re around Spokane on June 29.

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