Eminem is one of the most revered MC’s in all of rap. His aggressive style and no-fucks-given approach to songwriting are what made him a superstar. As we all know, Eminem came from the battle rap world, so it’s only right that he is the producer of the new battle rap film, Bodied.

The film takes a satirical angle as it examines race relations in America. The cast includes the likes of rappers like Loaded Lux, Disaster, Dumbfounded, & Hollow Da Don.

I’m glad to see names like Loaded Lux, Hollow Da Don and Dumbfoundead be apart of the casting, however, I wish more URL (Ultimate Rap League) MC’s would have made the cast. Names like Tay Roc, Charlie Clips, Conceited or Hitman Holla.

Without knowing the movie’s future success, I believe the names I just listed would have added more of an attraction. Instinctually, I believe the movie is aimed to educate those who are not as familiar with battle rap. From what I can tell from the trailer, I think that is true, with less of a draw to actual battle rap fans. BUT, I will say this is a great spotlight for battle rap culture and to get those who are not as knowledegable more involved.

Overall, I am very excited to view the film. It’s a great look for battle rap exposure. Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think of the film entered in this years Toronto International Film Festival.