British modern indie band Bombay Bicycle Club have released four new singles. These singles tease their new album drop, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, coming out on January 17th, 2020. The latest release titled, “I can hardly speak” written in 2014, came out last Friday, January 6th. The band has picked up right where they left off, since the five-year interlude that they’ve taken.

As we deep dive into the single, the band communicates about struggles to speak about inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions. For instance, symbolism in their vocals shines during lyrics such as, “There’s a lighthouse, I can hide out – Staring out to sea – Shine a word through, did it reach you? – Or echo back to me?” Above all, the band uses powerful imagery when writing is rarely the centerpiece of song creation anymore, as a result, this helps push the band back into the spotlight.

“Everything Else Has Gone Wrong” out January 17th

Bombay Bicycle Club is back with singles to introduce their new album!

The band sets the stage for a familiar-sounding track transitioning from a traditional keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums structure to the addition of unnatural noises that intertwine and create a constant build to the song. The band takes a dramatic tone while trying to express the feeling of angst and being bottled up, not truly being able to let out our thoughts or the ability to speak our mind freely.

Besides, “I Can Hardly Speak” other released singles include, “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You),” and album titled single “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong.” Three songs accompanied by music videos and live performances help to reintroduce the band.

The music videos do an awesome job creating scenes that pull out true emotions like pain, fear, and growth. While, the live performances tease how on-point, the band is outside of the studio. These new songs build excitement about Bombay Bicycle Club new album and solidify its re-entry into the music scene.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You) Live

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