I came across this guy Boogie T two years ago at my first ever Shambhala Music Festival. I remembering hearing some super dope dubstep drop that had been blended perfectly with a live-guitar. Immediately, I was hooked. A few weeks later, I caught another set from him over at Bass Canyon, a popular bass-heavy festival hosted at The Gorge in George, WA. Once again, I was absolutely blown away. Since that historic month of August back in 2018, I simply cannot get enough of his funky vibes.

If you fuck with dance-able dubstep that still has heavy bass that can rearrange your face—Boogie T and SubDocta’s work should do the trick. This project is a welcoming gift leading up to the holidays and something that I’ll be slapping throughout my turkey dinner with the fam. Check out the full project below and make sure to share and support the vibe on every possible social media.

‘Old Gold’ LP Produced By Boogie T – Ft SubDocta

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