If you haven’t already experienced the production mastery of Bored Lord, trust me, you’ll be far from bored. Working her sorcery from Oakland, California, Daria Lourd throws down some complex auditory heat, and she’s been busy – to say the least. This electronic music producer is slaying the Oakland scene, consistently releasing intricate and mind-bending tracks. 

Bored Lord has been putting in some serious work these last couple of months. The eclectic electronic producer graced Bandcamp with multiple banger EP’s this summer. Her most recent EP ‘delusional breaks’ was released on September 3.  

Bored Lord’s Emotive Soundscape

This is the type of electronic music that straight up massages my brain. Hypnotic up-beat basslines, drums, and synthesizer magnetism, drawing you into the emotive auditory experience. In my opinion, this genre-bending electronic producer never falls short of spectacular. Bored Lord’s diverse discography explores the energies of multiple genres of electronic music. 

Her EP’s throw down everything from break-beat and jungle to leftfield bass and techno. With an unmatched and inspiring uniqueness, she consistently provides something unique to her audience. Her radical innovative experimentation with sound and rhythm captivates me every time. She makes the kind of electronic music that sparks emotion, taking you on a dark, yet beautiful, journey. 

Delusional Breaks: Intertwining The Energetic And The Emotive 

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Bored Lord’s five-song Bandcamp EP, delusional breaks, really creates an experience of sound. This electronic masterpiece combines high energy beats with dreamy vocal samples. She’s weaving ideas of philosophy and reality with a dark and complex rhythm. Messages like those of Sylia Rivera and Avatar The Last Airbender’s Uncle Iroh, masterfully layered with experimental jungle, breakbeat, and drum and bass beats. 

The expressive energetic flow of ‘delusional breaks’ captures Bord Lord’s enchantingly Avante-Garde style well. The EP progresses in thought and tempo as the five songs play out. The lively, heavy, and whimsical all intricately blending together. Each track uses samples and captivating sound to eloquently build upon the emotive collection. 

With ‘delusional breaks’ Bored Lord is seemingly sharing a narrative. Through intricate electronic experimentation of breakbeat and jungle inspiration, a cohesive journey. This is definitely an EP to listen to front to back, in my opinion. 

Bored Lord On Bandcamp

Photo via Soundcloud: Bored Lord

While you’re on Bandcamp checking out ‘delusional breaks’, I suggest checking out the rest of Bored Lord’s electronic discography. Since May of this year, she has released five EP’s to her Bandcamp page. Each EP is a unique and complex expression of thought and sound. You can check out Bored Lord’s full discography on her Bandcamp.

With her consistent flow of banger techno, jungle, and left-field electronic inspired releases, I am blown away time after time. Bored Lord has really become one of my go-to electronic artists, each release further solidifying my appreciation. I really just can’t get enough of her dark and dreamy electronic sorcery and I strongly suggest you hop on the train as well, if you haven’t already. 

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