Most people’s experience with cannabis edibles usually involves someone’s older brother bringing brownies wrapped in tinfoil. You eat one, and what happens next is in gods hands. Maybe you have a wonderful high for a few hours and drift off to sleep. OR, you might fall into a THC induced wormhole in the center of the universe. The worst result is nothing happens at all, and you just paid $20 for a gas station brownie. Botanica Seattle wants to modernize the experience for the recreational cannabis market.

Botanica Seattle wants to modernize the experience for the recreational cannabis market. Botanica houses five brands under its umbrella: baked in Seattle, Proper Chocolates, Bond, Mr. Moxey’s Mints, and Journeyman. baked in Seattle (spot,) Proper Chocolates. Journeyman, Mr. Moxey’s Mints, and Bond. Each one is directed at a specific consumer.

“Brands are educating devices,” Lena Davidson said. Davidson works in Market Relations and Brand Development for Seattle and Portland Botanica offices.

“We take faith in the things we consume as a consumer society,” Davidson continued. Botanica Seattle is “Clean Grain Certified,” Duni Disston said. Disston is a Botanica Brand Ambassador and explained this is the closest certification to the organic label outside of the Food and Drug Administration’s watchful eye. Botanica Seattle won two Dope Cup Awards in 2017: Best CBD Edible and a Runner Up for Best Savory Edible.

Botanica Seattle Brand Line

Spot was launched to build consumer loyalty. Giving the consumer sativa, indica, hybrid and CBD options and designing the packaging around each one makes the purchase decision easier for the consumer. Spot offers, chocolates, brownie bites, cookie bites, fruit chews and coconut oil. Spot is for middle of the road users and the packaging directs them to the exact experience they want.

Davidson described Spot as “Hand Holdy.”


Dr. Moxey’s Mints are ideal for a brand new edible user. They come in sativa, indica, CBD and a THC/CBD blend, each one a unique flavor. One mint is 5mg of THC or CBD.

Journeyman is for experienced stoners who have the munchies. Cookies infused with weed butter ensures the high sets in as quickly as possible. THC needs to bind with fat molecules for you to feel its psychoactive effects, infusing oil with butter ensures a quicker acting product.

Journeyman’s Weed Tarts come in lemon, cherry, and sour apple, each one has a fantastic flavor, like a sweet tart on steroids. The Couch Potato’s are milk chocolate stuffed with a potato chip center. This is the munch love child of a Kit-Kat bar and a classic Ruffles potato chip. It’s creative and just as high quality as anything else they have.

Proper Chocolates are designed for the experienced user who wants top shelf chocolate with a blast of THC accompanying it. Their chocolate is high standard not only for the weed industry, but for the chocolate industry. Their chocolate snaps when it breaks, has a glossy shine and leaves no waxy texture in your mouth when eating it. These are all qualities of high- grade chocolate.

The THC oil is mixed with the chocolate for over 45 minutes to make sure each mixture is completely homogenized, Davidson explained. Similar steps like this with all edibles in their respect infusion stages. Matching each product with their specific infusion stage is a

“Chocolate is fucking kinky,” Davidson said with a laugh, “It’s hard to work with.”

Bond is a sensual oil made for sex. Designed with women in mind to give them the best sexual experience possible, this topical oil works for men as well.

Selecting edibles can be overwhelming when looking at random brand after brand on the store shelf. Botanica Seattle’s focus towards product knowledge and consumer education makes them a top choice and a trust worthy option when dedicating your money towards cannabis edibles.


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