The Brandywine strain is a delectable strain from Dungeons Vault Genetics that has a delicate elegance. By crossing the Pink Champagne with Grandpa’s Breath you end up with this potentially calming strain that reeks of hoppy grapes and herbal tea. Many users rave about its potentially buzzing high that washes over the body leading it into sweet sedation. This strain took home 1st Place in the Indica category at the 2017 DOPE Awards in Seattle. Naturally, it’s gone on to become a low-key favorite on the West Coast.

Looking at the Brandywine strain you’ll see a lot of menacingly dark coloration on the buds. Earthy green hues intermingle with streaks of purple that sparkle from the collection of trichomes spanning its surface. Sticky to the touch, breaking a nug apart will coat your fingers in its regal stench of sour grape bubbly. There’s a classic indica appeal to this strain that doesn’t come with as dense of nugs. You can squish a nug between your fingers and find pockets of air, but also see that the palpable resin is holding it together like glue. 

If you take a moment to glance over the parent genetics for the Brandywine strain you’ll see some obvious hints at the dominant terpenes. The three dominant terps that this strain may showcase are myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and either limonene or alpha-pinene.

Brandywine Strain by Khush Kush

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The potential anxiety-relieving qualities many users report lead me to think that it may be limonene. Myrcene would explain its potent berry flavors, and the beta-caryophyllene makes sense for the sour, tart, and hoppy notes. These first two terps show up in many strains that potentially provide people with the most relaxation and pain relief. Limonene sweetens up any mixture, and may add to the wine-like aroma of this strain.

Smoking on some of the Brandywine strain may quickly take you to a high that gets your whole body humming. Purely relaxing qualities may ensue, as stress washes away and your eyes get harder to keep open. Brandywine might be great for anyone that experiences trouble with their appetite. Consuming smaller amounts of this strain in each sitting may bring out its more helpful medicinal qualities. Smoke larger amounts to potentially melt completely into your bed and drift off to a stoney dreamland.

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