BriGuel and Andres Gonzales return with one of the hottest EPs of the year, 2020 Vision.” The NYC-based artist couple, who haven’t left each other’s side since the day they met, has once again chosen to collaborate with Andres Gonzales. This is the same person they shot the documentary and single “The Difference” with. It was a deeply moving project aiming to help organizations such as the HLF, a Baltimore based non-profit that helps underserved communities, especially children, in multiple ways. 

“The Difference” has made it to the tracklist, along with five other beautiful tracks. Among which is “Dark Oblivion,” a bilingual song that sees BriGuel unleash the full capacity of their art. The song comes to life through inspiring lyrics and out-of-this-world vocals and driving bar delivery from Miguel Gluckstern and Andres Gonzales.

Brianne Berkson leads the melodic way with her astonishing electro-inspired pop vocal performance. She brings total unity and coherence to the skilled trio. Check-out 2020 Vision and breathe the atmosphere of the new era coming to us. Savor each track while you wish for further collaborations and inspirational music in the near future.

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