Bryson Mills, AKA Bry.Zen, grew up with an affinity for music, nature and the outdoor scenery that embodies Ashland, Oregon. After high school he became more acquainted with the LA beat scene. Mills was an avid listener of artists from the hot spot of the scene, Low End Theory.

It wasn’t until he moved to Portland, that he started sampling and producing more. Influenced by artists like Flying Lotus and Devonwho, Mills sharpened his aesthetic as a beat producer and moved down south.

In LA, Bry.zen continued expanding his music genius through genres like G-funk, IDM, and lo-fi beats. Yet, no one sound can really define Mills, as he is always looking to evolve and expand. Balancing his creative process from sampling to sound design, Bry.zen adapted to the city environment that is Los Angeles. He has been able to find his place in the scene, performing in venues like Backbeat LA and Beat Cinema.


Bry.Zen Intelligently Blends Oregon Vibes With The LA Beat Scene

Bry.Zen has had to continue working his 9 to 5 while in quarantine. When he gets home, he throws on some 3D visuals and gets working on the next juicy beat. Recently, Mills has been setting up live streams on to garner a wider audience. But for the most part he just wants to have fun with it. Check out Bry.Zen’s new album “Onism” on all streaming platforms.

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