Bryson Tiller and Lil Yachty have dropped a new single titled “For Nothing.” Even though they both dropped new music in 2019, both artists didn’t have any major release. For 2020, that is about to change as Bryson Tiller is gearing up for his upcoming album Serenity – which is to follow his 2017 sophomore album True to Self. Lil Yachty is also expected to drop his fourth studio album as well. As both artists prepare their projects, they’ve left something for their fans in the meantime.

Their single “For Nothing” provides a very different look compared to their previous releases. The song features a stripped down guitar and synth lead, as the jumpy yet relaxed instrumental sets the foundation for their vocals. Throughout the track, both artists are heard on the chorus while Bryson Tiller lays down his vocals on the verses. It’s refreshing to hear such a different sound from both artists. Because of this, it will be interesting to see which direction they go with their upcoming new projects.

Lil Yachty & Bryson Tiller – “For Nothing”

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