The earliest cultivators of cannabis (potentially 10,000 years ago) started selectively breeding without necessarily knowing it. Simply by using seeds from plants that grew more vigorously or had higher quality flower, some genetics were favored. More recently, the emphasis on high THC flower has resulted in fewer CBD strains.

When the benefits of CBD became evident, breeders had a limited number of CBD genetics to pull from. As a result, many CBD strains are lower testing or grow poorly. That is why strains like Bubble Gum Hydro, testing at 22% potency, are so impressive. This exceptional CBD-Rich strain, bred with high terpene content is perfect for high CBD flower smokers. 

Project CBD

In 2010 a group of journalists started a movement to reintroduce CBD-rich cannabis into the market. The movement, called Project CBD, felt that high CBD cannabis deserved special attention from breeders and scientists. In 2009, Northern California experienced re-emergence CBD plants, presenting the opportunity for evaluating the effects of cannabidiol. Today, Project CBD is responsible for trusted CBD information. Physicians, patients, industry professionals, and interested consumers can access information about CBD and its uses. They also support CBD research and conduct workshops and seminars. 

CBD Flower

Flower is an unmodified and unfiltered source of CBD and other cannabinoids; what is known as “full-spectrum” cannabinoids. Because the flower is not sent through isolation or extraction processes, consuming CBD flower allows you to access the benefits of the plant as naturally as possible. Smoking or vaping full flower also makes the effects immediate, and the bioavailability is higher compared to ingestible or topical consumption.

Just like in a dispensary, you can buy CBD hemp flower like Bubble Gum Hydro in jars or as pre-rolls. Companies like Primary Jane have CBD flower for sale online as well as other strains like Blue Genius, Kush, Haze, and more. For more information on the difference between Full-Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate see Breaking Down Basics on CBD Products.

Bubble Gum Hydro Strain Profile 

This Indica dominant CBD flower is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day. The CBD may be great for helping relieve muscle spasms and chronic pain. Its calming effects may also be helpful to fight anxiety and stress, as well as induce appetite. The flower has white trichomes (due to the high resin production) and lovely orange pistils. This strain tests at an average 22% potency for total cannabinoids. Scents of summer are produced by this strain. Sweet fruits, sour citrus, and a subtle woody undertone make this flower aroma broadly appealing. 

Be a Mindful Consumer

As with anything you consume, be sure you are smoking or vaping hemp flower that is free from harmful contaminants. Credible producers will list their third-party-lab test results on their website so that you can verify that the tincture, flower, or other product is safe. It will also verify that your product contains the CBD levels advertised.