Buddy is back with a brand new single titled “Hollywood” featuring Kent Jamz. The Compton-based rapper has established himself as one of the hottest up and coming artists on the west coast. His music can be recognized from hits “Shine,” “Trouble On Central,” and “Hey Up There.” He’s looking to continue his streak with his latest release.

His single “Hollywood” showcases both clever and hard-hitting vocals. Buddy’s imaginative lyrics pairs well with the varying inflections of his voice. Because of this, it enhances his verses by adding many different looks throughout. The chorus also is interesting – as it provides a respective nod to J. Cole’s song “Saint Tropez” with the “on my way to Hollywood” line.

The different styles combined with in-depth lyrics and punchlines makes “Hollywood” and memorable release. The versatility that Buddy presents throughout is impressive and is something has to be noticed.

Buddy – “Hollywood” Featuring Kent Jamz

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