Last month we had the pleasure of teaming up with Burd MGMT out of the Bay-area to help facilitate DayDream Music Festival 2018. The artists curated for this festival are a testament to the keen eye and business savvy of the management group. They’re making big waves all the way from LA to the Bay with not only festivals, but monthly artist showcases as well. Burd MGMT has its ears to the ground on solid, local and nationwide underground artists.

Burd MGMT offers management, talent booking, touring, and marketing to other areas too. Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are all part of their stomping grounds. This is a management group that can build your music career both locally and on the grander scale. Check out some of the up-and-coming artists they booked for DayDream Fest below. Some of these names will be making some huge waves in the coming year. Don’t sleep!

After partnering with these folks, we’ve seen their drive and ability to span major areas of the United States with ravenous desire to build an empire. Burd MGMT isn’t just finding dope artists in California to bring in for their events. They dig deep to find only the most solid artists for their tours, then bring them out to SF or LA to rock an amazing set with their talented local artists—genius! Next stop is Canada, right?

Burd MGMT is creating huge opportunities not only on their home turf but also with emerging artists from all over the US. They offer solid marketing, exposure, and hospitality to any artist they bring in on tour, or even the artists from out of town merely looking to book a show in their area. This is just the kind of management group you want helping you to build your budding music career.



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