Electro-pop artist CAIN hits an honorable nerve on his latest track “My Mind.” “My Mind” is a song that is about trying to “save someone from a world that’s falling apart.” CAIN feels frustrated with how today’s world in America has been operating within politics, pop culture and the media in general. He said, “I wrote this song about trying to get someone to wake up and rescue themselves from the grasp of the system.”

An honorable thing to do with all the chaos that is going on; to avoid the unnecessary and misleading information that we get fed on a daily basis and to advise people to wake up and start thinking for themselves. It seems as if CAIN wants other people to be able to soak up the great parts in American politics, pop culture, and media while catching the bad information and avoiding that sort of nonsense altogether. The electrifying and intense song takes you on a thrilling ride as he reveals his truths and feelings for the current state of today. Give the track a listen below and let us know what you think of Cain’s latest inspirational banger.

CAIN – “My Mind

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