Rising LA pop duo, Calabasas, continues to show the world it’s all about the music with their new single “Fine.” This new track features an incredibly intricate soundscape that whisks you away to a downtrodden tropical dance party. The level of emotion that these two are able to create without giving away their identities truly speaks to their musical prowesses. Their whole project was designed to do just that—let the content shine, and it does just that. As these two keep releasing singles it’s becoming clear how calculated their takeover is.

“Fine” is a classic breakup record. The producer IM made the beat on a particularly melancholy night that let the vocals all ooze out for AGE. This second record from the duo is all about coming to the realization that a relationship is ending. Calabasas is reassuring to the listener in the song, letting them know it’s ok if things don’t work out completely in your favor every time. They enact all of this in an amalgamation of sounds that range from R&B to pop, hip-hop and beyond. I expect to hear more records from them in the future that have this same level of genre-bending going on.

What makes Calabasas so unique is how easily they can paint an intimate picture with their music without any gimmicks. When you listen to “Fine” it feels like the duo is personally comforting you during a rough time. Angelic tones surround you over a general sense of unrequited emotions. The whole core of the track is captured in the line, “Roger that we ain’t connecting, feeling this distance affecting, everything building since day one.” These are the kind of relatable feelings that will have you reminiscing about that one special person that got away.

Calabasas – “Fine”

Calabasas is better described as pure energy, not a musical entity. Their mission is to create genuine emotion and affect positive change in the music industry with their music and style. They have plans to continue releasing singles that let people know that Calabasas isn’t here to do anything but be themselves. Expect to see some visuals accompanying these singles that truly the personalities of the two. Think of Calabasas as a blank canvas that’s ready to be creatively explored.

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