Battle royale style first and third-person shooters have been a hot commodity in the last few years. Fortnite started the obsession with their Call of Duty and Minecraft-style hybrid that they built. Apex Legends gave us a shooter with different classes to chose from. Each class had specific abilities that provided benefits to their team. Call of Duty: Warzone is Activision’s addition to the battle royale craze.

Warzone takes some of the best features from the Call of Duty franchise and blends them with an open map battle royale game. There is only one map, but this map is massive. There are all the best features from your typical CoD game including kill streaks, gun upgrades, and an array of explosives. Warzone also adds vehicles for you to use, parachutes when you’re jumping off tall buildings or out of your helicopter.

There are two different game styles that users are able to select from. There is a 150 person battle royale that encompasses the entire map. Plunder is the second choice, this game mode encourages players to collect as much cash around the map as possible.

There is also a tutorial feature that gives you a basic understanding of the controls before playing your first game. The gulag is my favorite part, no longer are you completely done with the game after your first death. Enter a prison-style room after your first death to defeat another fallen opponent. If you win, you get another chance to play.

There are two options for playing Warzone, the free version or you have the option to purchase the battle pass. Just like Fortnite, purchasing the pass gives you access to additional perks as you move through the levels each season. My favorite part of this game is being able to play with friends on different systems. You can party up with your friends on PC, Xbox, and PS4 regardless of which system you are on.

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