Attention all you hip-hop and rap heads that are “sick and tired of the new school music,” listen up. Cam’Ron just released a new mixtape called The Program. It’s been around four years since we’ve seen an album or mixtape from the man! This piece of work shares that real and raw hip-hop/rap music you’ve been waiting for. Each song is unique and he brings the sound you hope for if you’re an avid hip-hop and rap listener.

Cam’Ron stepped out on A$AP Ferg’s album Still Striving and vibed well with Ferg on the song “Rubber Band Man”. For me, Cam’Ron’s feature was a teaser and with a few simple lines in the song, was just a way to justify the talent that the hip-hop and rap legend possesses.

Something that should be noted is how a lot of artists from back in the 90’s and early 00’s have seen tremendous success, some will go down as the best artist ever. But for an old school artist to stay relevant with the latest sounds, and to remain relevant for multiple decades is extremely impressive. That’s just what Cam’Ron proved on this tape. He brings his old school sounds and combines it with today’s sounds.

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Slap This! Cam'Ron Releases New Mixtape Titled "The Program"

Cam’Ron in Pink

Personal Favorites


Chop It Up

Dime After Dime

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