Coming out of Detroit, Michigan, Canlock is a rising cannabis container brand with a stellar product. Their all-glass container is the first handheld with a built-in vacuum pump lid. Not only does this help contain the smell, but it also helps keep your buds fresher for longer.

For me, the Canlock has been a game-changer. Ever since I picked one of their Stash+ models up I haven’t needed any other. When dispensaries are comfortable with it, I try to get them to let me just use the Canlock to save on plastic waste. Not only does the container come with great functionality, but the amount it carries and its reasonable shape make it a top choice for travel and home storage.

Who Needs Canlock?

On the consumer level Canlock is an unmatched container. For driving or at home, there’s no container that’s as sturdy and slick. Even after dropping the glass on concrete it didn’t chip. Your mileage may vary, but as far as my experience being clumsy with it, the build is very forgiving.

Realistically there’s a limit to the container, which is about an ounce of flower if you press it in. If you’re looking for mass storage then the Canlock might not fit your needs, but for half ounces and under, this container perfectly does what it needs to. You can also buy bundles of several to fit whatever needs you have.

How to Pick up Canlock

For all orders over $25, Canlock offers free shipping on their website. Ranging from the Mini to Stash and Stash+, Canlock has options for every consumer. Additionally, their Stash and Stash+ models come in bundles perfect for stocking serious inventory. All outfitted with hand vacuum pumps, Canlock has updated the container game. Check them out for smell-free storage of your precious herb.