Cannabis connoisseurs are really embracing the world of concentrates. You see them in all colors, consistencies and there are brands coming onto store shelves as soon as they leave.  I’ve taken a lot of dabs this year and I wanted to thrown shine on some of my favorite concentrates. I like to mention that these aren’t in any particular order. All of these products deserve your attention for different reasons. It’s awesome to see so many processors stepping their game up.

Jon’s Favorite Concentrates of 2017

Sherbet Rosin from Gabriel

Rosin is simple. A solvent-less concentrate that is the product of putting cannabis flower under immense heat and pressure. The result is a smooth buttery wax. Gabriel’s Sherbet Rosin has the same creamy berry flavor and the distinct sweet kush aroma.

favorite concentrates

Black Afghani Rose Sun Drops from Big Sur Extracts

The only CO2 extraction to make the list, Big Sur’s sun drops are an artful expression of a CO2 extraction. Very little aromatics, but the flavor is an effervescent floral taste, like a sweet wine.

favorite concentrates

Wedding Cake & Grape Island Skunk Honey Crystal from Oleum Extracts

Wedding Cake took 2017 by storm. The minty sweet terpenes carry through into this golden honey crystal. Lifted provided the flower for this extraction which was an RMR favorite for months.

Purple Kush & Exotic Cookies Loud Resin from Refine

Bred by Exotic Genetix, Refine turned their Exotic Cookies into a clean resin with pungent lemon and fuel aromatics. When it comes to oils, Refine has a knack for bringing the most flavor out of their extracts. The Refine Exotic Cookies is incredible.

Another banger loud resin creation from Refine, Purple Kush has a classic sedative indica high. It tastes like sweet fuel with citrus notes. The high is stoney, couch-locking, and comes with delicious flavor.

Lemon Meringue Traditions Sugar Wax from Solstice

Lemon Meringue has long been one of my favorite strains for its unique pinesol haze bite and clear-headed sativa high. This strain delivered exactly what I expect from well-grown Lemon Meringue and the aroma and effects were there in spades. Late in the game, Solstice delivered one of my favorite concentrates.

favorite concentrates

Pineapple Express Sugar Wax from Dorado

There might not be a better tasting $30 gram on this list. Beautiful caked up crystals with subtle pineapple aromatics. The taste is anything but subtle, this dab taste like pineapple fruit gushers just exploded on your pallet. This gram might not last long, it’s hard to stop with just one.

favorite concentrates

Black Cherry Soda Sugar Wax from Royal Tree Gardens

One of the best-tasting dabs on this list, Royal Tree Gardens Black Cherry Soda is tasted like carbonated cherry soda. This strain packs a clear-headed sativa high and the taste reminds me cracking a soda during a hot summer day.

favorite concentrates