We’re living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way we’re living our day-to-day lives. Content creators are working from home while offices and classrooms are moving into digital spaces until further notice. Delivery services like GrubHub, Door Dash and Uber Eats are more important than ever. The culinary industry has even been shifting down and pivoting to take-out and delivery only options.

This unique time in our modern history will only cement the importance of online, remote, and delivery systems for content creators and professionals to collaborate and work digitally. Dutchie has already been making a lot of organic noise in the online cannabis delivery market. Dutchie is an online ordering service that powers dispensaries by connecting them directly to consumers.

Dutchie’s Come A Long Way

Dutchie is based out of Bend, Oregon and was founded by Ross and Zack Lipson. Jon Bond is a co-head of sales for Dutchie and was the 14th employee for the entire company. Now Bond has 62 co-workers who manage online accounts for over 650 medical and recreational dispensaries across 24 states.

“Our entire footprint is organic pretty much we’ve done little-to-no advertising,” Bond explains. “Oh yea I think I’ve heard of Dutchie,” and it’s like yea we work with over 650 shops.”

What Dutchie Does

Comparing Dutchie to GrubHub is one thing, but what does that really mean in the cannabis space? It means that dispensaries pay Dutchie a monthly fee to maintain their websites while accepting and tracking online orders until they’re ready for pick up.

Dutchie has integrated with major cannabis point of sales (POS) providers like BioTrack and Green Bits. Dutchie’s software ties right into their POS so Dutchie’s menu gets real-time updates and accurately mirrors the dispensary’s menu at all times.

Dutchie Is Putting Up Numbers

Dutchie has raised $18 million since 2019 and grown over 9000%. They’ve wrangled some high profile investors like Kevin Durant and his Durant Company, Snoop Dogg and his venture firm Casa Verde Capital. Right now there is $300 million of gross product revenue moving through their website. “We’ve already outgrown two offices, and we’re building a 7,000sq foot building across the street, like a custom office,” Jon said.

Just this week alone, Dutchie has brought on 100 more dispensaries and did three million in sales last Wednesday alone. While certain industry’s like hospitality and culinary have been put on pause, for the time being, online industries may start to flourish. School and work have been pushed into a solely digital space until the beginning of Summer…and maybe longer.

As uncertain as these times are, the circumstances are forcing everyone to take notice of the importance of online systems. Services such as Microsoft Teams, Door Dash, and Dutchie are skyrocketing in use. Technology’s importance to our daily lives is glaringly obvious lately and it continues to merge with human existence.

Its influence in the cannabis marketplace will only continue to grow. Brands like Dutchie seem to be ahead of the curve. To put it in Jon’s words: “for everyone here, it’s a passion, it’s a family thing, which shows a lot in our output.” “We know what we’re here to do, and we’re going to keep delivering on it.

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