With the coronavirus wreaking havoc on the world, everyone has been driven into their homes for quarantine and safety. In these trying times to get your hands on cannabis cartridges, dabs, flower, and edibles, it’s important to consider all options for delivery. Throughout California, there are still plenty of cannabis delivery services that are able to safely deliver products straight to your front door.

The COVID-19 outbreak is no reason for you to run out of your favorite cannabis products. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of cannabis delivery services that are still fully operational, and presumably taking extra measures to ensure cleanliness and customer safety.

With the coronavirus continuing to hold president for the next foreseeable 30-60 days, take the time to consider whether or not you’re stocked up on all of your cannabis essentials. For no-contact deliveries, be sure to “add instructions” to your orders or give instructions over the phone.

California Cannabis Delivery Services


Serving everywhere from San Clemente up to Santa Monica, as well as Oakland, Kushagram is a reliable supplier of kush. You can find them doing deliveries from 8am-10pm with a $50 minimum on purchases. Some of their popular brands include West Coast Cure, Buddies Brand, and STIIIZY.


Serving all of California, as well as Las Vegas and beyond, greenRush is a boss in the cannabis delivery game. They even offer the option of express delivery. A few laudable brands they carry include Cresco, 710 Labs, and Packwoods.

Smartweed Delivery

Operating out of Hollywood, Smartweed Delivery has the Los Angeles area on lock. Open from 9am-10pm, they carry over 44 popular names in California cannabis. Some of the stand-outs include Alien Labs, Top-Shelf Cultivation, and NUG.

18 California Cannabis Delivery Services To Consider During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Cannabeasts service the Sacramento area with reliability and ample tenacity. In addition to offering a military discount, they can also accept electronic payments. A few of their top-selling brands include Flav, WYLD, and Bae.

Tree Factory

Serving Ventura County and beyond, Tree Factory is a solid service for cannabis delivery. They offer 24/7 support staff via their site to field any and all customer thoughts, questions, and concerns. Some of their prominent brands include Brite Labs, Papa & Barkley, and CRU.

Mountain Remedy

Mountain Remedy is a booming cannabis delivery service. They’re delivering all over California, including Walnut Creek, Oakland, Concord, and Berkeley. You can score goodies from them anytime from 10am-9pm. A few popular brands they carry include Old Pal, Bloom Farms, and Sublime.

Sweet Flower

Serving the greater Los Angeles area, Sweet Flower has cannabis delivery down pat. They’re currently accepting cash and debit card purchases. Popular brands they carry include Canndescent, Flow Kana, and Lowell Farms.

18 California Cannabis Delivery Services To Consider During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Photo by @jenny.allie

(photo by @jenny.allie)

Top Shelf Express

Operating out of Oakland, Top Shelf Express truly gives cannabis lovers easy-access to the herb. They’ve been servicing the Bay Area for almost five years and always offer a variety of quality products. Make sure to ask for Buddies Brand liquid diamond live-resin products if you’re looking for some great concentrates or vapes.


Open from 10am-10pm and serving the Bay area, Hellapaxx is a popular delivery service. They offer $10 off for every third order, and if you refer a friend they offer a 10% discount and a $1 pre-roll. Hot brands Hellapaxx is currently carrying include Buddies Brand, Friendly Farms, and Viola.

18 California Cannabis Delivery Services To Consider During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Operating out San Diego, HiKei is a more than reputable delivery service and dispensary. They also offer in-store pickups if you’re feeling adventurous. Ember Valley, Sessions, and KINGPEN are all popular brands they carry.


Serving the Bay area, Flowsent are masters of cannabis delivery. They boast delivery times of two hours or less, and house a myriad of fire brands. Open from 10am-8pm, they also have a premiere weed club that offers extra discounts, swag, elite access, and more. Some of their best-selling brands are Alien Labs, Cookies, and Connected Cannabis Co.

18 California Cannabis Delivery Services To Consider During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Coastal Delivery

Another dispensary that has made delivery available for their customers is Coastal. In addition to hooking you up with quality cannabis products, Coastal is also very community and cannabis culture-driven. You can find them located throughout central and southern California with their headquarters in Santa Monica. A few of the popular brands in their inventory include Autumn Brands, Raw Garden, and Cypress Cannabis.


Serving the greater San Diego area with a smile, Mankind is a delivery service and dispensary that doesn’t quit. They offer 24/7 support on their website and have zero delivery fee and a minimum purchase of $50. Alien Labs, MedCare Farms, and Select are top-selling brands they carry.

18 California Cannabis Delivery Services To Consider During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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March and Ash

March and Ash is a prominent cannabis dispensary that also offers delivery. You can find them operating out of Mission Valley, San Diego, Vista, and the Imperial Valley. A few of their best-sellers include Team Elite Genetics, Cookies, and Josh D.

Torrey Holistics

Torrey Holistics is now serving the entire San Diego area with quality cannabis products and no delivery fee. They’re also a fully functional medical and recreational dispensary. Some of their top-selling brands are Flow Kana, Josh D, and Two Roots.

Purple Star

Purple Star is one of San Francisco’s top delivery services for tasty cannabis products. They cater to the Mission District, Hayes Valley, Castro, SOMA areas of SF, and only require a $50 minimum purchase for free delivery. Customers can purchase products from them from 9:30am-9pm. Some of their best selling brands include Exotic Genetix, Gas House, and Sessions.


Throughout the greater San Francisco and Sonoma area Sparc provides its denizens with high-quality flower, concentrates, and edibles. They’ve been facing an insane influx of business since the coronavirus pandemic. Some of their most popular brands are Raw Garden, Jetti Extracts, and Marigold.

18 California Cannabis Delivery Services To Consider During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Proven SF

Proven is one of the biggest delivery services operating out of the San Francisco area. Their delivery hours are 12pm to 9pm. Their website constantly gives you an updated estimate of delivery time. Some of their most trusted brands include Cookies, Flow Kana, and Willie’s Reserve.

Delta Dispensary

Delta Dispensary is a relatively new medical and recreational cannabis shop in the Bay Area that offers online orders, in-store pickup, and delivery. Specifically, you can find them in Antioch just off of the Pittsburg-Antioch Highway. A few of the bigger brands they carry are Gas House, Cookies, and Connected Cannabis.

Alternatives Health Collective

Alternative Health Collective is serving the Santa Rosa area in full-force, coronavirus or not. This dispensary also offers quick-and-easy online ordering, in-store pickup, and delivery. They’ve been supplying the people of Santa Rosa with quality cannabis products since 2010. A couple of their standout brands include Marley Natural, Caviar Gold, and Heavy Hitters.


Serving the people of Orange County, People’s has built something special with the local cannabis community. Their website contains a bevy of information on local events and valuable information about the herb. Three laudable brands they carry include Ember Valley, Lowell Herb Co, and Alien Labs.

21 California Cannabis Delivery Services To Consider During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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