Legalized cannabis has improved the United States in many ways. We’ve already seen tax dollars contribute to increased wages for teachers plus a chunk of Colorado’s funds have gone to support various infrastructure issues. These types of contributions are the end result of the work put in by each and every licensed cannabis company, specifically the growers, extractors, and budtenders.

What is a budtender?

In most states, the term budtender isn’t something people have heard before. People tend to confuse it with the word bartender and get excited when they find out that a budtender has nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with the new cannabis industry.

Budtenders are the people who connect customers directly to the world of cannabis. They’re the staff who typically has the most knowledge and experience with the various products. A great budtender not only provides elevated product knowledge and friendly experiences, but they also create a lasting relationship with their guests.

Why are budtenders so important?

Establishing that first connection between a new consumer and the legal cannabis industry is a pivotal moment for many first time visitors. Once a customer enters a cannabis retailer, budtenders are the humans who are asked to serve all of the guests.

Budtenders are expected to share information as well as their experiences about various products. It is paramount that budtenders are experienced with cannabis and customer service because their sole job is helping to guide every guest in the direction best-suited for them.

The best budtenders understand that cannabis affects all people differently. There are many different types of products, strains, and terpenes, and most people haven’t yet had the chance to learn about or experience yet.

According to Toptender CEO Ryan Porter, many cannabis retailers have between 1200 and 1800 different products. Could you imagine having to purchase 1000+ products just to become familiar with them?

To help support budtenders all over the United States, Toptender is providing access to quizzes and courses that have been specially designed to elevate the cannabis industry, increase staff knowledge, and improve customer experience. Their team updates the platform regularly so that budtenders can visit brand profiles for info on each business and their products.

Toptender is paying $20 to each budtender who signs up, plus an additional $20 per budtender they refer.

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