Out of all of the holidays within a year, cannabis pairs with Thanksgiving the best. The legalization of cannabis in Washington state has opened up a whole new world of infused cooking. There are all sorts of products available now that smell and taste just like food instead of the Kush that was put in it. Whether you need it to spark your appetite or to lower your stress levels, use these products to make a cannabis-infused Thanksgiving dinner that will have you celebrating Danksgiving instead.

Agrijuana Olio Cannabis-Infused Oil

Use this in place of olive oil. No seriously, it’s just oil, nothing but pure cannabis-infused extra virgin olive oil. It’s versatile enough to be used throughout every dish you make. The bottle I bought was packed with almost 500mg of activated THC!

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Topi-Go 1:1 Topical Booster

The Topi-Go 1:1 Topical Booster is legally sold as a topical enhancer but is made with food-grade MCT oil which can be eaten. It comes in a variety of ratios from high THC all the way to a high CBD. I personally always recommend a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. My body favors the amplified benefits of equal parts of cannabinoids. It makes my muscles melt while allowing my mind to process out all of the negative energy weighing it down.

This is another fantastic product for letting each person curate their own experience. It could very much so be added to any recipe while cooking. However, when cooking with cannabis you want to avoid high temperatures so that you don’t completely break down all of the cannabinoids.

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Prepare your Thanksgiving meal as you would traditionally and have everybody dish up. Garnish plates with the tincture, allowing everybody to dose themselves out based on their personal tolerances.

I suggest using Fairwinds’ line of tinctures. Fairwinds is most definitely a lifestyle based cannabis company. Their tinctures include different proprietary blends of essential oils, herbs, and cannabis-derived terpenes to help boost the effects of the cannabinoids. They even have a special Sriracha tincture!

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Shake Shake Shake To Make Cannabutter

If you are going to be doing some baking or are going to be cooking your turkey at a low temperature, this is the perfect time to infuse your own butter. There is no need to look at the top shelf when buying your starting material. Ask to see what options your local store has in the way of trim or shake, you can usually get an entire ounce of it for around $50.

I highly recommend finding strains that are high in the terpenes pinene, b-caryophyllene, and humulene. The piney, spicy, and woody flavors those terpenes produce pair nicely with the savory blend of herbs and spices typically used on Thanksgiving like rosemary, thyme, and sage. 

The obvious use is as a replacement in your baking recipes, like for the crust on a classic pumpkin pie. I suggest taking thin slices of your cannabis-infused butter and placing it underneath the skin of your turkey before you place it in the oven. Again, you really want to avoid high temperatures when cooking with cannabis, so I would not recommend doing this if you plan on cooking your turkey at a higher temperature. But, if you’re going low and slow, stuff that turkey with something a little danker than bread crumbs.

There are so many other products on the market that you can use to make a cannabis-infused Thanksgiving dinner. These items are just my personal favorites to use, but ask your budtender what they have on hand that might be fun to cook with. No matter what you end up cooking, make sure you indulge slowly and enjoy fully. There’s nothing worse than over-indulging on a holiday.