The Friday before Christmas was Travis Thompson’s first headlining show at the Showbox. If you’ve ever been around Pike Place Market during the holidays, you know it’s something pretty special. Everything about this evening was meant to be remembered. If I had drunk alcohol that night, this story would have never been told.¬†Instead, I got a bottle of cannabis-infused Vertus to split with my homegirl and here we are.

Vertus is basically Martinelli’s cider with a little more spice and a whole lot of cannabinoids. The 100mg bottle was the perfect amount to split between two daily cannabis users. As a disclaimer, the average dose recommended is 10mg. Unless you’ve taken edibles before and have a high tolerance, I wouldn’t surpass one dose in a single serving.

For me though, 50mg was perfect! I was about to spend three hours at a hip-hop concert, so I needed a long lasting high. Like champagne, Vertus has a classy demeanor to it that is perfect for the holidays or celebrations. So, I made the fanciest dinner I could think of to pair it with, hamburgers and tater tots. The warm spices and sweet profile of the Vertus paired nicely with the Sweet Baby Ray’s barbeque sauce, proving the drink’s versatility.

Vertus is part of the Tarukino group of beverages that use Sorse technology to create a more active bioavailability. So instead of metabolizing in your liver, it sneaks past and enters your bloodstream faster. Allowing you to gradually build your high by controlling how quickly you consume your dosage. We timed out our drinks perfectly so that we would start feeling the effects right as we were getting into our Lyft.

I knew it had kicked in because I had one of those moments where I started giggling for no reason. Maybe it was the bubbles from the light carbonation in Vertus. Maybe it was because I don’t usually take 50mg at one time. It didn’t matter though because I was filled with an uplifting happy euphoria that was only emphasized when I started seeing Christmas lights lining the streets.

It was bittersweet arriving at the Showbox knowing that there are people in this world who would knowingly destroy such a big part of history. But, I set those feelings to the side to celebrate the success of two young upcoming rappers who spent 2018 busting their asses. Travis Thompson and Laza were joined by Florida native, and now honorary Seattleite Sylvan Lacue. All three performances were ones to remember.

Laza’s autotuned vocals paired with catchy hooks started the night off with the perfect energy as the crowd was already hyped up. Even at 50mg deep, I felt super social and ready for more music. When Sylvan Lacue came on though, I was stuck with a permanent¬†grin on my face as he rapidly spit¬†bars soaked in deep thought and positive messages.

Travis wrapped up the night with an on-point performance reflecting the amount of work that he’s put in this year. The dynamic set featured smoke shooting from the stage, lasers, and confetti falling from the ceiling. Moments like these always make me so proud of my city, proud of these artists and creatives. Proud of the fact that I can legally drink a cannabis-infused beverage to make me feel overwhelmingly happy, instead of alcohol which makes me depressed.

I slept well that night, waking up the next morning feeling fantastic. No hangover, no regrettable decisions, just beautiful memories that will stick with me for a lifetime. I highly recommend buying a bottle or two of Vertus for your next holiday party. It makes a great last-minute gift. Plus, it is the perfect replacement for champagne to ring in the new year with.