In the pursuit of finding a trustworthy recommendation for good cannabis strains to smoke while gaming, we spoke to budtenders’ from dispensaries in three states to give their professional expertise.

As the prohibition of cannabis slowly but surely comes to an inevitable end, it’s countrywide legalization has brought about a dispensary uprising in every newly ratified state. Resulting in a tsunami of new laws, dispensaries, production facilities, grow oops, jobs, job titles, medical certifications, educational classes, and even degrees! This is what we have been waiting for people!

In the middle of all the excitement, cannabis dispensaries are the delivery systems of the final products. Employees at most dispensaries are given samples of vendor products and a sizable discount, allowing them the pleasure to expand on their own experience and knowledge about the product they distribute.

Budtenders’ are assigned the task of guiding us, in their professional opinions, towards our most compatible items within their employed dispensary. Politically speaking, budtenders’ are some of the most credible sources when seeking the ins and outs of cannabis, even for trivial questions like which cannabis strains will make gaming more enjoyable?

Budtender’s Perspective: Try Smoking These Cannabis Strains While Gaming

Super Lemon Haze

Aaren Wansley: budtender at Grass and Glass – Seattle, WA

Why is  Super Lemon Haze your number one prefer strain for gaming?
Aaren Wansley: “Super Lemon Haze is my favorite strain for gaming because it’s a sativa strain. It has such a nice lemony smell and taste it really wakes me up when smoked preferably in a backwoods blunt.”

Which ways does this strain enhance your gaming performance?
Aaren: “This strain allows me to keep the mood light and happy while I’m playing competitive games. This is an enhancement because I tend to get aggravated and tense while not high and gaming, this strain allows me to focus on the fun aspects of gaming instead of getting mad.”

What are your top three video games to play while high?
Aaren: “Overwatch, Apex Legends, and RuneScape!”

Gorilla Glue #4

Antonio Stagles: Budtender at Health For Life – Mesa, AZ

Why is Gorilla Glue #4 your number one prefer strain for gaming?
Antonio Stagles: “Gorilla Glue #4 is my go-to strain for gaming because it’s an all-around good high for the experience. GG4 is a strain that keeps you up mentally but glues you to the couch physically, hence the name.”

Which ways does this strain enhance your gaming performance?
Antonio: “GG4 enhances my gaming performance and experience by close to 100 percent. It enables me to be more focused and efficient while still being physically relaxed.”

What are your top three video games to play while high?
Antonio: “1. NBA 2K (for my real ones out there) 2. Call of Duty3. Apex Legends.”

Sour Diesel

Aubrey Abigayle York-Ketner: Budtender at Starbuds – Portland, OR

Why is Sour Diesel your number one prefer strain for gaming?
Aubrey: “Sour Diesel is my preferred strain for gaming because it the perfect sativa-leaning-hybrid to help you focus mentally, but has just enough percentage of indica to chill you physically.”

Which ways does this strain enhance your gaming performance?
Aubrey: “The euphoria offered from this strain helps create a fun game playing mental attitude. Also, it improves hand-eye coordination and gives the ability to multitask, which most video games require.”

What are your top three video games to play while high?
Aubrey: “My top three games to play while high are: Call of Duty, Fortnite, and NBA 2K.”

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