There are many different reasons why cannabis-infused tinctures have become popular. Maybe you don’t like to smoke. Or maybe, because you’re aged 35-65+, it’s simply not healthy for you. Either way, we’ve created an easy guideline for adding cannabis into your life.

Cannabis tinctures don’t involve any noticeable smells so you won’t have to worry about family or children noticing a burnt cannabis scent. Some of the tinctures we’ve come across actually smell good.

One of the best brands for cannabis-infused tinctures is Fairwinds Manufacturing. Over the last few years, they’ve created award-winning products inside of their Vancouver, WA headquarters.

Fairwinds was founded on the principle of bringing cutting-edge cultivation technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and proven ancient herbal traditions to the forefront of the cannabis industry. The beauty behind their products is that they cater to any part of a cannabis user’s day. They’re great for an uplifting experience, providing relaxation, or relieving stress and pain.

Use With Breakfast

Sativa-based tinctures are typically ideal for the early morning cannabis user. Fairwinds morning relief tinctures were designed to provide an energetic and cerebral high. Thanks to the CBD, this isn’t a bad mixer for your coffee. Add in a drop or two for a super boost with some added benefits.

Because tinctures are oil based, they can also be mixed with traditional breakfast foods such as oatmeal, smoothies, egg-based meals, and even cereal.

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Sativa Lifestyle – Fairwinds Cannabis

The Sativa Lifestyle tincture has a light mango flavor that was chosen to enhance the natural terpene profiles of the cannabis that is used in the products. Providing traditional sativa effects, this tincture also has a blend of omega fatty acids that are known to be essential for several neural and body process relating to physical and metnal health.

Try With Lunch

Lunch is usually the most troublesome meal of the day. Don’t sleep on the importance of this meal though, skipping out can have serious effects on your body. A mid-day crash due to lack of nutrition or hydration has been known to make people feel sluggish, irritable, and uninspired. Thankfully, Fairwinds offers another great tincture to help fight the added weight of a heavy, or unhealthy meal.

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Digestify – Fairwinds Cannabis

The Digestify tincture was developed with a special terpene blend that is designed to ease digestion pain, chronic inflammation, and other IBS-related symptoms. This product shouldn’t get you high but cannabis does effect people differently.

Daily Use With Dinner

Is there really a tincture for every meal? Yes!

Now that the day is finaly winding down, experienced cannabis users are starting to look for something to take the edge off. Fairwinds Indica tincture is perfect for just that. Mix this with your soup, gravy, BBQ sauce, maybe even dessert too! Squeeze 2-3 drops into whatever you can think of that you’re making for dinner or your late night snack.

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner


Indica Lifestyle – Fairwinds Cannabis

This Indica version comes with a little more mango flavor than the other tinctures. This was designed to give more of an indica effect. Expect yourself to feel a bit more “stoned” after consuming with your dinner.

Use This To Help With Sleep

Millions of people across the world struggle with getting quality sleep. They say 6-8 hours is what we all really need. Relaxing the body in such a way that removes body pain, digestion irritation, and a pleasant high can only be accomplished by the PM relief tincture.

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner


PM Relief 300 — Fairwinds Cannabis

The PM Relief product doesn’t contain any cannabinoids which can get you high. This tincture is avocado-based and was designed to relieve bodily pains and provide noticeable aid to digestive issues.

Deep Sleep Tincture — Fairwinds Cannabis

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

The Deep Sleep Tincture by Fairwinds has a slower onset that should help give the user a more comfortable experience. Utilizing an uncommon ratio of THC to CBD (75/45 CBD/THC), the effects of the cannabis and herbs in this product last less than eight hours. The user should be able to avoid a groggy morning-high known to slow people down.

Try Mixing These Cannabis Tinctures With Breakfast, Lunch, And DinnerCBD Companion – Fairwinds Cannabis

A cannabis tincture for dogs?! This bacon-flavored tincture is perfect for pets considered high-energy, high-stress, or who are in pain. This can be added to their water or food, and 10% of proceeds go to the Northwest organizations that are promoting pet wellness.