Here is Jon’s Capitol Hill Block Party day one recap.

The first act I saw was Kyle Craft, he was rocking out on the Vera Stage. This was the first time I’ve listened to his music and it hooked me right away. A classic rock sound and high energy kept me for the rest of his set.

capitol hill block party day one recap

Next, Taylor and I went to the Marley Natural VIP tent and got the pleasure of meeting Zuri and Shacia Marley. They gave us some insight about the Natural Marley brand and the cannabis lifestyle their family is connected with. They were both gracious and hospitable and I’m excited to kick it at the Marley Natural tent more this weekend.

capitol hill block party day one recap

Zuri (left), Schacia (right)

Next, we filled up with some Natural Marley Blueberry Trainwreck and a nice meal at Lost Lake cafe. Their fried chicken sandwich was too much food for $12, I’d save this place for you biggest meal of the day or your last, so you can take the leftovers home.

capitol hill block party day one recapNext Taylor and I went and checked out a couple Seattle killers back to back, Gifted Gab and Nick Weaver.

I’ve been familiar with Gab’s work for a while, but this was the first time I saw her perform solo. Gab is one of the best MCs around. Her flow and stage presence are magnetic.

day one recapI finished off day one with Nick Weaver and of course, Run the Jewels. Nick Weaver was relatively unknown to me, but I won’t forget him after last night. He has amazing stage presence and energy. I told Taylor he reminds me of a classic Seattle MC.

capitol hill block party day one recap

I only stayed for the first few songs of Run the Jewels for, reasons I will discuss in a post block party article, but also I had to pace myself for a three day festival and get some sleep. Those four songs we’re all I needed though, honestly, I could have left as soon as Killer Mike exclaimed over the mic,

“We’re gonna burn this stage to the FUCKIN’ ground.”

That’s all the motivation I needed to kill it the rest of the weekend. Check out pics from RTJ’s set in the gallery below and I will See everyone at Day Two!



Capitol Hill Block Party Day One Recap Photo Gallery


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