Cap Hill Block Party 2017 is in the books. This was my first music festival in over two years, and I was not disappointed. Here’s Jon’s Capitol Hill Block Party day three recap.

The KnowMads kicked off day three on the Vera Stage. They’re the first artists I was introduced to from the Seattle hip hop scene, and they’re just as dope today as they were then. Playing new music and a classics like ‘The Boat Can Leave Now,’ you can always feel the love in their crowds. There’s a reason the KnowMads have been a staple in the scene for a decade.

Danny Brown is the most unique MC in the game. Nobody in the game has, does, or will sound like Danny Brown. D.B. walked on stage invoking the spirit of Jimmy Hendrix, with a Baller-Ass suit of epic proportions. D.B. might be the most unique personality in the rap game today, and his set was an absolute joy to be a part of. Hearing the crowd sing ‘Grown Up,’ and ‘Smoking and Drinking,’ gave me chills.

Bad Tenants are another Seattle hybrid group, fusing jazz and hip hop to create a fresh sound. Bad Tenants could rock the stage at any jazz club or music festival stage. This a show I could take my Mom or my homies to and everyone would have a great time. This is hip hop that spans generations.

Diplo brought the bass. Few DJ’s get a crowd jumping like Diplo can. His crowd stretched from from the front fence to the main gate entrance. No matter where you were in Capitol Hill last night, you probably heard Diplo throwing down the gauntlet on Main Stage.

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