Build you up, to break you down — that’s the name of the game. Just when Cardi B thought it was a surefire shot to the top of pop culture – she was brought back to life by the likes of her own fans.

Thread of Cardi B calling dark-skinned black women roaches
Yesterday evening a Twitter user and former Cardi B fan (@WokeMutant) took it upon himself to collect the receipts in a Twitter thread that he has dubbed “Thread of Cardi B. calling dark-skinned black women roaches.” In the thread (included below), a series of clap-backs can be found to and from Cardi over the past year or so. Some of tweets have been deleted, but I salvaged some screenshots – because the Internet is forever! Nonetheless, the thread details a series of unfortunate of events that have called some of Cardi’s commentary into question.

Fans were also quick to point out her unapologetic transphobia, which can be considered odd because she is heavily embraced and supported by the LGBTQ+ community.

Cardi quickly caught on to the thread and offered her less than stellar defense by repling directly to the author saying, “I called myself a roach it’s a word tha I use a lot .Your WHITE ASS IS THE ONE WHO USING AS A RACE SHIT SO STFU.” To which he replied with a series of tweets continuing to put Cardi in a seat she was begging to take.

Read the full thread in the screenshot gallery included in this post and let us know what you think. Do you think Cardi B is racist and transphobic – or are people just coming for her now that she’s successful?

CARDI B remains unbothered. She posted this photo in response to the controversy that ensued overnight surrounding a now ex-fan calling her out for her choice words.

Cardi Can Learn From This

As I sit here and pause my Spotify-enabled stream of Cardi’s biggest hit to date, “Bodak Yellow”, I can’t help but recall a conversation I had last night. During our weekly blog meeting, she had come up as a topic of discussion so I chimed in and offered my defense of her rise to legitimacy.  I noted all the aforementioned including her past as a dancer, which she directly addresses in the song “Bodak Yellow,” reality TV, and now her position in the “Rap Game” and had convinced my peers that she had indeed earned her respect.

I’m not here to tear Cardi B down. I am here to educate her, however. Like so much of the world, I have been rooting for her. A bandwagon Cardi B fan I am not – I’ve been here for a couple years now. I’ve watched her progress from an Instagram personality to a reality TV star, to a viable hip-hop artist with a credible flow, bars, and songs.

A lot can be argued about Cardi B, her rise to fame, and her formula – but her work ethic is undeniable. Maybe instead of being defensive, and claiming that she assumes the same monikers for herself – she should admit fault and confess to aspiring to do better going forward continuing to empower her fans – female, male, transgender and anything in between.

Peep what Cardi B had to say on Twitter below:

Cardi B’s Racist and Transphobic Tweets according to WakeMutant on Twitter

For a full timeline of Cardi’s series of unfortunate events, see this tweet thread (while it lasts):

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