Creating a visual experience through meticulous detail and extensive hard work. Carli Christina has been solidifying herself as one of the best up and coming artists in the Northwest.

Carli Christina’s Background

Born in Northern California, the 23-year-old artist moved to the Northwest and attended the Northwest College of Art and Design (NCAD) in downtown Tacoma. Finding a home and community at Sky Creative, Carli has created a business behind her passion.

The local artist made it a point to be able to tell her story through her art. Each work gives a distinctive feel and experience from her life. This grants her the talent to make her piece come to life.

Carli Christina created a senior thesis titled “My Path” before graduating from NCAD. In the piece, the artist wrote: “My biggest hope when creating art is for someone else to see the image and immediately feel as though it was a message they needed to hear.” This authentic realness behind her work creates a sense of individuality in her work.

Carli Christina's Spin On Art Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

The Work & Future of Carli Christina

Deeply inspired by Renaissance art; Carli uses bold colors and manipulates depth in each work to a tee.

Carli’s work often involves tones of dark fantasy that create a dream-like sequence for the viewer. Her art is a breath of fresh air with a Gothic take. Loving to instill fine tailored details throughout each piece, the young artist loves to be able to surprise everyone who falls upon her work.

Although Carli gained her BFA in Illustration and excels in painting. The young artist’s work has been seen in a number of different exhibits. These include the likes of the H20 Art Exhibit and Trap x Art in Seattle. Carli Christina has seen great success early on, but is not complacent.

Looking to expand her creative repertoire, Carli Christina is beginning her move to working on new kinds of art. Including but not limited to mural work, larger projects and collaborative works with other artists.

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Carli Christina's Spin On Art Is A Breath Of Fresh Air
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