Ashley Sorrel’s beautiful voice opens up the atmosphere of an intimidating set. Starting off in the middle of the night, crowds of locals show up for the “Casada” video. Once Sorrel’s voice reaches its natural rest Sada Baby comes in shooting out pure heat. 

The velocity of Sada Baby’s delivery has become a staple of the Detroit sound. Rappers from the top and the bottom of the local game sound like his sons. His influence can’t be missed, and “Casada” is another bonafide Sada Baby hit. 

The video features brands people kill for and women worth more than gold. All of those involved in the video dance with patience. Dangerous people don’t stress the aesthetic. 

Sada Baby Represents Detroit

“I grew up on 8 Mile, Don’t Know Slim Shady, I grew up on 7 Mile, Get your Shit Split”

-Sada Baby

For years now Sada Baby has been firm that Detroit doesn’t listen to Eminem. He might be one of the most famous people to contribute to the Detroit sound, but he’s not the father of the scene out here. Two-step is more than pop-rap. “Casada” adds to Sada’s Eminem slander. 

For those unfamiliar with Sada Baby’s delivery, variety is part of the beauty. In a song with a feature, Sada Baby still spits with enough flows that each one could support their own career. Instead of relying on industry approved monotone, Sada Baby easily flips between smooth, quiet flows, threatening bars, and agitated vocals. “Casada” is a tour de force of his emotional mastery. 

Ashley Sorrell’s voice is an absolute pleasure. Her contribution to “Casada” is gorgeous introductory and closing vocals which make this banger one of the sweetest moments of the year. Her attitude is easy, and the laidback vocals perfectly wrap this song. 

“Drake with me, Not the rapper-actor, It got real wood.”

-Sada Baby

“Casada” is a vicious banger with a relaxed attitude. The video is minimal, but fun and authentic. 

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