CBD Products May Present A Satisfying Alternative To Drinking During Remote Work

CBD Products May Present A Satisfying Alternative To Drinking During Remote Work

Being locked in at home affects everyone differently, yet a common reliance on drinking has emerged. An astounding amount of people are drinking while on the clock during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such widescale coping is due to a lack of present authority and high levels of stress.

According to a study in which American Addiction Centers officials asked American citizens, 32% of Americans said they were more likely to drink during working hours due to COVID-19. No one can blame them, but it’s astounding 36% of men and 26% of women said they are drinking on the clock. 

In problem states such as Hawaii, up to 67% of people are drinking while working from home. Due to this, companies are starting to rely on programs such as Zoom to check in with their employees.

CBD Products May Be Less Damaging To The Immune System

Companies like Primary Jane offer clean options like uncut and organic CBD vapes, as well as smokeable hemp flower. While drinking alcohol directly weakens the immune system, these products may be more mellow on the body.

While alcohol is a drug, CBD is largely used as medicine with practical applications. Some users of Primary Jane’s CBD topical swear by it for reducing pain and inflammation, which could be ramping up stress at this time.

Their CBD Honey Dust is a natural way to sweeten any beverage or dessert, coffee being a favored choice. Such a product is milder than drinking alcohol and doesn’t require any stress on the lungs. Medication and consumption is the right of a responsible and informed citizen.

Primary Jane’s New England sourced CBD tinctures pose another excellent option for responsibly handling stress. They’re easy on the body, and several people report their effectiveness. For those struggling to work through the pandemic, CBD may be a wonderful alternative to drinking during your stay-at-home workday.

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