While CBD may often be touted as a miracle drug, it actually does have many miraculous uses. Recent studies show CBD potentially could treat a variety of conditions, including insomnia. This research goes back for more than a decade, and so there’s stability in the assertion of the product’s medical efficacy. Let’s take a look at the effectiveness of a CBD sleep aid.

As far back as 1976 researchers were studying cannabinoids as potential sleep aids. The work shows that not only is CBN a potent cannabinoid, but perhaps through working together with CBD both were made even more effective. A more recent survey of 1,521 individuals directly covering CBD and sleep showed that while those not using CBD took 62 minutes to fall asleep, those on CBD only took 20 minutes. Additionally, it found those who were off CBD woke up 4.3 times a night, those on it only woke up 1.4 times with CBD.

A more focused 2019 study on 72 adults showed similarly promising results. in 79.2% of those involved anxiety decreased and remained decreased after the first month of treatment with CBD. Sleep scores improved in 66.7% of those in the study, but fluctuated over time.

Given all of this research, it’s obvious that there’s reason to use CBD as a sleep aid. The research shows efficacy, and so try it out for yourself. It might just be what you need.

How to Make Use of CBD

CBD and Sleep: A Guide To Effectively Using Cannabidiol To Help With Sleep

Like every other industry, information is limited in the world of CBD. Your typical gas station carries CBD products, but rarely are they labeled accurately or ethically manufactured. This is exactly where brands like cbdMD come into focus, particularly their Mint Sleep tincture.

In addition to free 2-3 day shipping on orders anywhere in the US, this brand also won Product of the Year in 2020. 2020 was the first year CBD products were considered by the survey independently conducted by Kantar. Not only is this product loved by consumers, but it’s safe.

Derived entirely from American hemp, CBD PM is sure to contain no THC. However, it still contains CBN, CBG, and other compounds such as terpenes. This allows for a potent and powerful full-spectrum experience free from psychoactive effects. Additionally, it’s federally legal. Try out their safe, innovative, and effective tinctures today. They might just save your sleep.

CBD and Sleep: A Guide To Effectively Using Cannabidiol To Help With Sleep

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