In times of the pandemic, we’re all using hand sanitizer a bit more than before. So naturally, you’re probably recognizing more and more the value of a high-quality sanitizer. If you’re going to be applying it before and after each venture into the real world, a formula that dries out your hands or smells heavily of alcohol is not ideal. The Full Spectrum CBD hand sanitizer by Gnome Serum strikes an appealing note right away with its 100mg CBD infusion. 

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Gnome Serum seems to know what they’re doing in terms of packaging. A simple and clear design with graphics to indicate the product — I love to see it. For an everyday product like a topical hand sanitizer, it is important to be clear that there is CBD in the formula. While the product may not be psychoactive, the concentration of CBD is high and therefore you need to be 21 years old. 

The bottle used for their CBD hand sanitizer is compact and ready to be placed in your on-the-go tote. The white bottle and trendy red branding really help bring the appeal for this product too. You can even be discreet about your use of CBD as an everyday product if you’d like. The CBD hand sanitizer by Gnome Serum has a fancy allure to it that you just don’t get with other basic options. 

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Gnome Serum’s sanitizer formula also surpasses typical hand disinfecting options in terms of look and smell. From the moment I took the cap off of the hand sanitizer, I was surprised at the strong fragrance. A sweet but floral and citrusy aroma filled the air. It made sense once I checked the ingredients: lemon and valencia essential oils. It was like I stepped right out of the mall corridor and into a Bath and Body Works… but in a good way. 

The spray is clear and doesn’t smell artificial, more of strong essential oil smell. I personally enjoy a scented topical, as I don’t usually wear many scents. I could see the scent of this CBD topical being a bit overwhelming for some, or after consistent use. But my initial reaction is pleasant.

The organic cane ethanol CBD hand sanitizer also includes witch hazel and hemp extract. Saying this infused hand sanitizer is a step up from the average cheap alcohol scented alternatives is an understatement. And at an affordable price too? In my opinion, it is definitely worth getting your hands on. 


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I really only had one qualm when it came to this Gnome Serum product. I was drawn in by the presentation, organic ingredient list, and the distinct scent. But, this product did leave my hands feeling pretty greasy. The organic infused CBD hand sanitizer seemed to have a lasting oily finish, which was not ideal. Nevertheless, this greasy layer seemed to soak in after only a few minutes. After that, I was left with fresh, fragrant, and clean hands. 

Overall, I think slightly oily hands are better than those dried out by consistent use of harsh alcohol-based sanitizers. Gnome Serum really nailed it with this one. In my experience, my hands felt soft and cleansed, and the CBD infusion really added another element to the hand sanitizer game. 

The 100mg CBD concentration with witch hazel and essential oils seemed to have possibly calmed and moisturized my hands. I will definitely be keeping this one around for the pandemic days to come. Say ‘goodbye’ potent alcohol scents and harsh chemicals, and ‘hello’ to soft, soothed, and bacteria-free hands. I suggest checking out more information about Gnome Serum’s product line and what other soothing infused CBD topicals they have to offer. 

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Gnome Serum - Full Spectrum Organic Cane Ethanol CBD Hand Sanitize
Strong Scent- pleasant but potentially overwhelming.Moisturizing
GreasyStrong lemon and valencia essential oils.
More Information Available70%
Would You Recommend?88%
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