Back in January, Colgate announced its impending acquisition of Hello Products, LLC. Colgate cited Hello’s “naturally friendly” branding and “strong appeal among young customers” as major influencing factors behind the acquisition. 

Craig Dubitsky founded the company back in 2012, bringing on Laura Kotcher as a CEO in 2015. Prior to the acquisition announcement, Hello Products had gained a strong following as a small, independent company producing high-quality oral healthcare products. 

Now, under the imminent ownership of Colgate, Hello Products is rolling out a seven-product line of CBD products, including toothpaste. This makes Colgate one of an increasing number of American corporate behemoths with their fingers in the CBD cookie jar. 

The new line will consist of two types of mouthwashes, two lip balms, and three distinct kinds of toothpaste. The products all contain broad-spectrum hemp oil and extracts sourced from US hemp farms. 

The products hit the shelves on the first of February, and are currently available in over 1,000 Ulta Beauty stores across the country. 

The release of a CBD product line by America’s toothpaste giant conveys two things.

First, it shows Hello Products is still eager to be forward thinkers within their industry. This means a great deal, especially considering their acquisition by the most prominent name within that industry.

Second, it indicates Colgate has no qualms aligning themselves with the burgeoning American CBD industry. Their name is now one of many on a list of American corporations eager to implement CBD in their products.

However, for the consumer, the simple reality is that any news regarding new ways to incorporate CBD into their routine is good news. 

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