CBD and other non-psychoactive compounds in cannabis and hemp have been found to produce various therapeutic effects. Some relatively newer compounds such as CBG and its precursor, CBGa, have been found to produce a number of healing benefits. Some of these extend to lending relief to major disorders and diseases. ComBineD Hemp is a company based out of Bend, OR who’s mission is to bring the purest CBD and CBG broad-spectrum products to market worldwide.

ComBineD Hemp’s products all come from their own flower that they grow themselves. Using on-site greenhouses, they source the highest quality feminized seeds to grow each Spring into their honest and pure products. Some of their noteworthy CBGa products include their CBGa Tincture, Isolate, Kief, and crumble. Each of these presents a different level of intensity for adding a little bit of CBGa into your day. Now the question is: what are the medical benefits of CBGa?

CBGa is where it all begins. You can think of it as the mother of all cannabinoids. CBGa is chemically located at the top of the cascade reaction that results in the three major cannabinoid lines. These are THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid,) CBDa (cannabidiolic acid,) and CBCa (cannabichromenic acid.)

CBGa holds the potential to aid in a wide number of lifelong diseases and disorders. Some of these include metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, and colon cancer. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding our cannabinoid receptors and how different compounds interact with them to produce a range of anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and overall therapeutic effects.

CBGa Elixir

CBGa: A Lesser Known Cannabinoid With A Myriad Of Medicinal Effects

ComBineD Hemp’s first and most practical product worth trying is their CBGa Extract that comes in a Natural Tincture. This 30ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBGa extract in it, along with a small amount of other natural ingredients. These include MCT oil, organic chocolate extract, and peppermint extract. This simple tincture can easily blend into your every day to offer non-psychoactive relief.

The taste is a little tart and funky on the tongue, but a few drops of this might have you forgetting any nagging muscle pain fairly quickly. You could also mix it into your morning, noon, or evening tea for a relaxing and stress-relieving effect. As the mother of all cannabinoids, CBGa has over 120 identified cannabinoid compounds that are found in the plant genus cannabis. It might work a little bit different for everyone, but I could see myself mixing this into my morning beverage to energize and relieve my body from some of the regular aches and pains I wake up with.

CBGa Crumble, Kief, & Isolate

For more classic methods of consumption and rapid effects, ComBineD has a number of CBGa extracts that you can smoke. First, the crumble is chunky and is prime for dabbing. The crumble has a grainy, herbaceous flavor that has the tiniest hint of sweetness when dabbing it. The effects are balancing and grounding, with a tinge of uplifting euphoria thrown in. 

The kief and isolate are great for increasing the power level on any of your pipe or bong bowls. Sprinkle some on top of your CBD or cannabis to amp up the potential anti-inflammatory effects. The Isolate comes with no flavor and will burn rather quickly. The Kief will have a little more flavor to it, and is an especially potent addition to any bowl of flower. CBGa Crumble, Kief, and Isolate are favorites among the medical community seeking fast relief. 

ComBineD is really giving you all of the typical flairs of consuming psychoactive cannabis with their diversity of non-psychoactive CBGa products. Learn more about the different ways to use their products and have them shipped to your house by visiting their website below.

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