Chicago native Cdot Honcho has been dropping drill bangers since at least 2014. His trademark delivery fires off bar after bar assaulting the listener in a flawless cascade. After losing his mom in senior year of high school, Honcho has been fucking the game raw, earning his placement since “50 of em” in 2014. That song featured Lil Herb, one of the titans of Chicago Drill.

“If It’s Fuck Me It’s Fuck You”

The video for Bipolar is Cdot Honcho’s latest release. The single is off his 2019 album Kingpin. Visually the video tells a beautiful story of romance. Honcho and his love interest explore the city together. Shots of bowling, fucking, and partying pass by. 

Eventually, the scene turns sour. Cdot Honcho is fighting with this girl in his car, but it’s obvious he cares. “I don’t know why we sitting In this car, We going nowhere like we on a boot,” Honcho spit. “This shit started wit yo attitude, And yo point of views, Aye, I’m tired of trying and being accused, I’m focused on revenue, I ain’t got Time to hear you whine, And switching yo moods, Talking about you really don’t read them, But out of your DM can pick from a thousand dudes, And if a new door open when one close, I’m in the crib with a thousand rooms.”

“I should’ve told her I’m bipolar, I should’ve kept it a G”

Ultimately, this video and song is a story of love. For all the wild conflicting energy and wild times that Cdot Honcho has shared with this woman, he recognizes there are flaws within himself. Instead of trying to hide them, he realizes he should have been honest and embraced the opportunity in front of him. Although this woman troubles him, he knows that he troubles her as well. Sometimes, Honcho may even trouble himself. 

Like a G, Cdot Honcho finishes the song with: Stop You tryna make shit more than it be, Really We just were a Fling, I wonder, would you even pick me, If my diamonds weren’t giving a bling, I’m guilty too I only picked you to cause, Yo ass couldn’t fit in them jeans, I should’ve told ha I’m bipolar, I should’ve kept it a G, Cause after all the shit I told her, I want her on my wing, I’m the king around this bitch you know you can be the queen, Or better yet be my fiancée let’s pick out a ring.”

Listen to Cdot Honcho’s Kingpin

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